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  1. lee c

    hatch charts

    hey guys wouod yous know of any hatch chartd for still water's in northern Ireland, and also fisheries hatches
  2. lee c

    Hatch Chart Directory

    cant get the chart, so anyone know of any hatch charts for northern Ireland still waters?
  3. hey guys help me out a little, what woukd be a good vice for I beginner? now have thid in mind I have 4 kid's so dont hae deap pockets. .
  4. ok ppl what the hell is resin for buzzers???? do u need it or what? I have nail varnish....
  5. lee c

    what fly

    now off to the tackl shop thanx very much
  6. hey guy's new ere, just just wondering what would be a good all round fly to tie for s beginner. ..
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