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  1. Thankyou Rockworm and Piker20. You've been a big help. Looks like the b405 is what I'm looking for. Probably just stick to thr 440s.
  2. One more quetion. Were the old standard up eye hooks 2x short or is it just the batch I have?
  3. Thanks guys. Kamasan hooks seem to be the only hooks available in my local tackle shops. Will have to start buying on line. Figured the up eyes had just gone out of fashion but wasn't sure. If thats all it is I'll stick to my up eyes. Its what I'm used to.
  4. Thanks Piker20. Have wondered why the up eye hooks are no longer used. Am new to forum so dont know if it has been discussed. Can anyone enlighten me?
  5. Thanks the problem is they seem too long in the shank.
  6. Have recently got back into fly fishing and tying after a number of years and am having trouble finding the correct hook for dry flies. The hooks in my kit are all years old and up eyed. The problem is the shank lengths seem to be much shorter than any of the hooks I've bought. The kamasan size fourteen b401s seem two sizes longer. Which hook would be best for traditional dry flies but with down eye? Any suggestions or comments gratefully received.
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