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  1. I bought softex at Greendrake Orvis here in Ottawa Ont 613-828-1915 and the funny thig is I forgot what I bought it for and it is just sitting there waiting for me to remember man I feel stupid
  2. I bought a Danvise and for the price I love it does everything I want it to and more, had a knock off and worked for awhile but then it just started to fall apart and I had no where to go to have it looked into , what ever vise you buy I would go to a shop and do it that way to protect yourself
  3. Recieved my flies today when I got home form work and all I can say is wow cant wait till tommwer nite to give them a try thanks guys and geo for the swap James
  4. ok checked canada post web site to track my pkg and apparently you have moved and it is being redirected to your new address that was on the 9th of may so it has cleared customs and just held up with the change of address sorry guys in all the swaps i have taken part in I have never experienced any delay like this with mailing issues so again I apologize and you should have them any day now James as for sending out the flies without mine I will leave that up to the group or the swapmister to decide sorry again James
  5. hey guys my flies were in the states last week according to canada post tracking so I am very surprised you have not recieved them yet there is a 5 day gaurentee on delivery will check again tonite when i get home on status of pkg on the web tracker for canada post sorry for the delay guys hopefully you have them already as i am writing this thanks james
  6. hey guys I checked the Canada post web site to track my flies they are in the states as of yesterday so hopefully withoput and complications you should have them by this weekend or early this week James
  7. Hey guys my flies will be mail mon sorry my wife's g-pa had a stroke and I have been so busy between work and hospital visits I just have not had the time so mon in the mail express post should take 4 days to get there sorry gain James
  8. Hey flies are almost done need an address thanks James
  9. Flies showed up today at my house and wow great flies guy's cant wait to try them out, if all this snow we just got would go away, sorry about all the trouble you had mailing flies back it can get tricky with Canada post anyway thanks again guys on the great flies James
  10. Good luck and have a fast recovery james
  11. Tha t is the coolest egg fly I have ever seen, I tried making egg's with glue for a swap awhile ago and they did not turn out that good wow is all I can say (I want some whine cry and stomp my feet)
  12. cool thanks for the info James
  13. Hey anyone know of a website with instructions on how to make these and where I can get my hands on silly skin in Canada I am having no luck here thanks James
  14. I asked the same question about a month ago and since getting all the info I love mine it does everything I want it to and more. Cheap and reliable it has become my favourite vise of the 3 I own, I also got mine at Orvis cost me 120 Canadian and worth every cent to me James
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