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  1. Once again, another great tie. Love tying and fishing soft hackles. Nice!
  2. I like that badboy. That would work great around here. Sweet!
  3. I really like this fly, looks like a winner. Once again you cease to amaze me. Nice work.
  4. Uffe, You da man! Great tie, now tell me how long does a fly of this nature take you to tie?
  5. Stroli

    Molted Stone

    Those type of stones have their moments back here on my home waters. If you time it right the molted stone will outfish any other stone. Nice tie
  6. Guys, thanks for the intel. I live in simsbury so Manhatten wouldnt be a problem. I have been doing some tinkering around for well over a year now but all on line, and through looking at what friends have. I am looking to spend tops 1,000. B&H is the website?
  7. Sweet, thanks again. Last question, I have seen many advertisements for package deals on ebay from reputable sellers who specialize in cameras. Some have lens packages with like 15-55 mm, and 70-300mm, telephoto lenses, filters, flashes etc etc. Do you recommend purchasing this way or separately, and what are the merits to this. Thanks for all your help, its very much appreciated.
  8. Ok, cool. Now that being said, are the lenses interchangeable with different brand cameras?
  9. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on purchasing a more professional style digital camera. I am looking for something that has interchangeable lens options and what not. I have experience with only point and shoot cameras, but am planning on taking a class this spring and could use some honest advice before I make the plunge with the camera. I plan on utilizing the camera for first rate shots for articles and personal use and have gotten some feedback from a couple of experienced friends. One of my close buddies is all about the Nikon series of cameras, I believe he has a D40 and loves it, another has a D200 loaded, a great camera but a tad too much for my budget. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated thanks
  10. Great pattern, if you wanted to get really crazy with a sprouting wingbud you could use a slew of things. Z-lon, marabou, aftershaft feather, flash you name it. I bet the fly works good as is.
  11. Heres my articulated version of a staple streamer in my flybox. This one is with a wool head and weighted eyes. Double-hooked jointed deal that moves even the biggest of browns on my home waters. Best colors are brown, olive, black, yellow and chartreuse. Have fun and hang on. Cheers
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Stroli: Articu-Dart
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