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  1. Surgery was a success (colostomy reversal). Unfortunately didn't have the ability to tie as much as I wanted.....eczema flared up on my hands. Did pick up an AK Best vise and 3rd hand while recovering.....so it's all good!! Chris
  2. Have an AK Best, Regal and Peak, all rotary. The Peak is the only "true rotary" I use. The Peak is my travel vise, the AK is my main.
  3. Howdy all. "Non-native" new member from PA, looking forward to all of the information the site has. Relocated from upstate NY about 20 years ago (work), grew up fishing the West Branch of the Delaware, Susquehanna, Chenango, Beaverkill, Willowemec.......now in area with a slight lack of trout streams. Been away from tying and slinging the long rod for a while, but recently got into a position to pursue again. Regards, Chris
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