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  1. Yeah, i live in Norway. For most of the time i use slow intermediate "glass line" on shallow waters, but when the christmas cod is coming inn, I use full sink to fish near the bottom. My experience is that it`s depending on the speed, not particularly the hook size:) I fish sea trout with shrimps/scuds, and i fish them fast with many stops/dead drift. On the cod i use long clouser and i fish them slow. sight fishing cod is fun, try it:)
  2. Thanks for the answer! I don't think I was specific enough, sorry! I meant, full sink line WF #6 or #7 for single handed rod. Mainly for coastal fishing after cod/seatrout in cold weather ( down to -10c) I have good experience with SA , but want to try something else this season:)
  3. Hey Does anyone know of a good full sink 3/4 line #7 for cold water (winter, down to - 10c)? Recommendations?
  4. HEY! I`m new in this forum, and just wanted to say hey! I live in Norway, Steinkjer, and work as a photographer. For most of the time i fish for sea trout and cod. Especially in the wintertime when everybody else is sitting in the couch watching tv I tie mostly saltwater patterns, but some freshwater flies. I am attaching some pictures, last picture is taken out of our window. Check out my blog: www.joachimwiig.tumblr.com And my website: www.cafotografer.com
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