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  1. been looking for one of these for awhile, someone's sure to have one in there drawer of stuff there not using. rlporter at ecentral dot com thanks
  2. new to tying this past Janurary, and new to the forum. Looking at all the bench posts, seams to me the best bench type is a desk, or work bench like a harbor freight. When I was looking for a desk, nothing looked to suit me, or was way to expencive, and did not fit my personal needs, which I didn't even know then. My son built me a simple desk, which the stuff on top has taken many forms as I progress. still there is nothing I would trade my tabe for on the market. so many personal tastes, no one pattern can supply. but a desk top is the ticket! When my son tie's, he moves all my stuff around to suit him. (and he does,not put it back!)
  3. ok, lots of interesting info on bugs and protecting your stash. So how about a 1,2,3 on picking up road kill feathers or fur? I understand about blood suckers leaving a host, but where and how do you get the bugs that invade the bird skin in the bag that start eating the barbules. I have a grouse skin that has a little pile of waste in the bottom. looks like I'm loseing feathers???
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