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  1. Thank you for your replies guys I have been checking the reports but was hoping for some go to patterns that people would use on any river they fish for the first time. It sounds like caddis flies and pheasant tails are going to be going with me along with my terrestrial box I already use for bluegill. Thanks for your replies guys they were very helpful.
  2. Hey everyone I am pretty new to fly fishing for trout. I have fly fished for a long time but usually use small drys and poppers for bluegills. I have a fishing trip planned for this coming Wednesday to Bennett Springs state park here in Missouri but have no idea what to be doing. It will be a day trip and I will only have a couple of hours to fish before I will have to head back home. Can anybody give me any advice on what to fish with flies wise or set up wise to catch my first trout on a fly rod?
  3. the only solution I can think of is to not buy anything. IT never fails oh I love the look of that pattern it would be sick in blue, red, yellow, green, orange. then all of a sudden you have 5 different color of fox fur and you will never tie the amount of flies to use it all up lol. I need to remember and try to stay focused and just try to buy stuff that matches the hatch around my area, and more proven flies that work.
  4. My tying stuff has already grew way more than I though it would. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff I have gotten I am finding I don't really use. I need to work on getting just the materials I need for certain patterns and not going overboard when things are on sale. Thanks for all the input and advice I am getting a good section of the basement for just my stuff and can build storage form the floor to the ceiling if I need be. Can't wait to post pictures up when I'm done.
  5. lol ok guys thanks for the encouragement and support. I am going to draw a line in the basement and label it man cave. The plano boxes sounds like a pretty good idea that will make things fairly easy and I do have a lot of them with traditional tackle that I probably will not ever throw again. I will clean that all out and start organizing things shortly. Hope to get to it soon as the temperature is starting to climb here and the lakes have finally thawed. Fishing will be in full swing soon.
  6. Hey guys I am in a little bit of a bind. Up until this point I have been tying flies and storing my things in my unfinished basement. So the wife was fine with it being a little messy. Now thanks to pinterest my wife has came up with a million ways that are "easy" to finish the basement and make it a "cute living space". Anyhow the only way I am gonna be able to keep tying flies and keep her happy is if I can come up with a way of organizing all of my stuff and be able to shut the doors and the mess disappear. So I decide to get a computer desk so I can shut the doors and things go away but I have since realized I have way to much stuff to store in there. So how do you guys store your fly boxes, and rods and extra tying materials in a way that is discrete and can be hidden? I have 3 rods now and plan on adding maybe 3 more to my arsenal. After that I was thinking along the lines of using a trunk and keeping flies and materials in tuberware boxes inside the trunk. I don't really want hang cabinets if I can get by without doing it. Just looking for other ideas and storage ideas because I know my wife isn't the only one out there wanting things to be able to disappear when people come over.
  7. I am pretty new to tying so have somewhere between 75-100 flies that I could hit the water with tomorrow. If there were any water because currently its all ice. Starting to get a lot better in my skills and have picked out about 25 patterns that I am going to really focus on. Wanting to tye up 6-12 of each pattern and some in various colors so my numbers will grow. After that my wife can only hope I ran out of materials and I will be fishing until I run out.
  8. It definitely sounds like a 7wt is the favorite for the rod. Tightening up the drag on them is key to wearing them down and getting the fight out of the fish. I will see what my reel can handle as soon as I get out there and just see what happens. Thanks for the replies fellas if I get it figured out ill let ya guys know.
  9. I have seen stuff like this on the web before. I have also seen in like south Africa in the jungles and swamps where they have tribesmen dig holes in the matt and fish through the whole like ice fishing but with mud and jungle moss.
  10. OK thanks for so much great information guys, I will probably have to get at least a better reel for my 7 wt now. I am using a cheap $100 start fly fishing today outfit. The spot I am thinking of is a relatively small pool with a big spillway run off at the mouth of it and all the carp seem to just swim up to the mouth in big groups and wait for stuff to come to them. So I wont really be playing the spot and stalk game that others do with these carp. Also the water is coffee stained nasty, if you can see 6 inches down it would surprise me. But I will definitely use a 7 wt and get a little bit nicer reel and see what happens this spring, or as soon as the temperatures get above freezing and I can fish for a little longer than 30 minutes and still have feeling in my hands Once again thanks so much for your replies this site is an amazing spot for beginners and a whole lotta information for everyone wanting to get started.
  11. Ok I was thinking that I was going to need something heavier. There really are some big fish in there and was just wondering how big I should go. What kind of reel would you suggest?
  12. Ok so still relatively new to fly fishing. I have tied a few flies have lots of how to books and watched hundreds of videos online. I don't have very close access to trout so I generally spend most of my time fishing for bass or pan fish in small ponds or old mining pits. I do however live just a few hundred yards from a local lake spillway that is just stocked stupid full of very big carp. Fishing primarily bluegills I only have a 5 wt and 3 wt. What type of gear do you suggest I invest in to catch these carp. There are some very big ones in there pushing 30 lbs or more I would say. The spill way is constantly pumped and the current is very strong. So what do you guys suggest be the outfit to take?
  13. For me its the chance to get out there and play the game. Sometimes we win and catch a huge fish, other times we don't get a single bite. Sometimes conditions seem perfect nothing happens, other times we feel we should still be on the couch and all heck breaks loose. Just getting out there and playing the game is what its all about its our season that never closes and its game day 365 days of the year.
  14. Cool video self filmed ones are some of the best out there. Its cool to see the alright heck with the camera netting the fish action that takes place. Looks like a beautiful place to fish too.
  15. Rocco I agree this being my first year fly of serious fly fishing I have done lots of trial and error on bluegills. The bigger flies really have not discouraged all that many takes and definitely made it easier to get the fly back out of the gill. Using the really small flies will always get takes but many times made it very hard to get it out of the super small fish which ate it.
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