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  1. Yeah, that pretty much proves it :-)
  2. I have about twenty or so of the big Plano boxes. I tie one fly, one color per column, with the sizes going down. So, say the box is 12 by 6 compartments, the first column is all olive scuds. The top compartment is a size 12 unweighted. Next down is 12 weighted. Next is 14 unweighted. Fourth is 14 weighted. Last two are unweighted and weighted size 16. The next column is the same, but in tan. The next column is the same, but in grey. Then the same three repeated, but this time with flash under the shell material. When I'm going to fish a tail water I grab a small fly box and put two or three of each in it. Once I run out, I go back to the Plano to reload. As I tie, I drop them into the Planos. I might have fifty or more in a compartment, but I only cary a few with me on the water. This is overly organized, but my mild OCD (is there such thing as mildly obsessive?) didn't like tying per trip, then finding that the plans got cancelled so boxes got filled, moved, filled, moved, until my bench had more boxes than I could easily go through. So, I started tying into larger piles and pull when I need them.
  3. I buy these things http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0001P?I=LXABT1&P=8 but I buy them at Lowe's. I mount them into holes drilled in the end of a 5-6" dowel. The dowel is the handle and the alligator clip holds the point or bend of the hook until I paint the mouth of the popper, then I use a second holder and transfer it, this time gripping it over the eye if the hook. I get paint on the clip sometimes, but I have no trouble with paint on the eye.
  4. Pre-wrap (Dick's, Sports Authority, Amazon) also makes great bodies for stimulators.
  5. I use pre-wrap. It comes in lots of colors (girls apparently use it to tie upony tails when playing sports). It is a stretchy open foam that comes on a roll and normally goes around joints prior to taping them for stability or injury.
  6. This is Fly Daily Southern Culture on the Fly Hopper Juan The Smallmouth Fly Box Arizona Wanderings The Haddis Catch Midcurrent Field and Stream Fly Tying Old and New (though he is taking the summer off) Probably some others who are escaping me at the moment (like singlebarbed, which I read in spurts)
  7. Wow, necropost dead for six years. Still, a nice dragon fly nymph
  8. That's a Dremel bit, or at least there is a Dremel bit that looks like that. All the home improvement stores should have them.
  9. I don't remember either, but it was within the last few years, not more than maybe 4-5. I remember the picture ofsome wings that stuck in my memory.
  10. Physician friend of mine warned me about bats just recently. He said you can contract rabies from them without getting bitten. I guess close enough contact with a carrier and it can be airborne.
  11. I have one and like it for my most used flash (the bulk and excess I keep in an old library card catalog...wish I had more of those). I've actually been thinkink of making a non-spinning version myself. Just route a channel around a 1x3, cut some notches for the flash to hang through, and place a pony tail holder in the routed channel, and mount it to the side of my table.
  12. To match what flyderaght is describing, I like a tan foam back with spun white hair clipped on the bottom. Between the hair and foam, they won't sink and make a nice, noisy splash.
  13. For the plastics it is simple I had to try it For $3, maybe just try it. If they work, score. If they don't, try returning them. Otherwise, you are out three bucks.
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