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  1. Hi Dave, I guess its been my dream since I started fly fishing to catch trout some day and there is this place near Melbourne called Goldbourne Valley that has trout ponds. I hope to make a trip there. Tasmania is world famous for its flyfishing as well. Some other spot that is in my mind is Tinaroo where I have seen videos of huge monster barras. It makes me go weak in the knees. Another is Weipa where some of my friends has gone and fished there a couple of years ago. They have not stop talking about how good the place is. So many place to fish, so little time to do it. regards Alberto
  2. GDay to you too Dave, I'm Albert from this part of the planet as well (Singapore). You are fortunate as there are some fantastic fishing to be had in Oz. I hope to vist my wife's uncle in Melbourne next year and fly fish as well. Keep in touch and if you are ever over in Singapore, let me know and we can fish together. regards Albert
  3. Hi DFix, Thanks you and to everyone for the warm welcome to this forum. I have shown some of my first trys at a deceiver and posted it at the "What type of fly was your first ever?" thread at http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=13042&st=45. I have tied other patterns so should I start a new thread or join some that has already started? regards Alberto
  4. Hi Bill, Yes I did. Unfortuantely the deceiver was swallowed a little deep and I did not take the fish up for a photo to avoid more damage to the fish. Did manage to get a quick shot before the tippet was cut to let the fish go. It not huge - about slightly over the 2kg mark. regards Albert
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and have been fly fishing for about two years now. I have just started tying my own fly about two months ago. My first effort is a deceiver. These are the results after cutting up about 10 flies as the early efforts looked like a bunch of feathers and fur lashed together over a hook These was tied for a trip to target Travelleys in Salt water. regards Albert
  6. Dear Bud and Fred Thank you for the warm welcome. The main species that I target here in Singpore for freshwater is South American Peacock Bass. They take flies readily. We use #00 right up #4 rod on them. The there are many varieties of cichlids such as the Tilapia buttikoferi Once a year, a group of us will travel up to our northern neighbour Malaysia, to fish for Hampala Barb. Large speciment can grow up to 6kgs and will make mincemeat out of your #6 rod. 2 months ago, I had a short vacation with my wife in Thailand and took a day to fish for Barramundi. It was awesome to see a 7 kg of muscle launch itself off the water upon hookup. I have been fortunate that for the past two years, my flyfishing buddies have been very generous and filled my fly box with files. I need to learn to tie my own files and hope to learn from you'll here at this forum. Will post some pics as soon as I have tied some decent ones. Right now I must have tied and cut some 20 flies. They are looking like a bunch of unruly furs and feathers lashed on to a hook. regards Alberto
  7. Hi there, I'm a new member to this forum. I'm from Singapore (South East Asia) have fishing for the past 36 years. 2 years ago, my close fishing buddy started me fly fishing. Two weeks ago, I started to learn to tie my own flies. We do a lot of saltwater fishing and still water fishing in reservior. I look forward to learning from the senior and experience members in this forum. regards Albertfly
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