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  1. Hi Simmon You may want to Look at Fly Gal, run by April Vokey. April is a very good tyer, she is from BC and fishes for Salmon and Steelhead. Paul
  2. Hello baitfisherman2. As for ordering supplies for tube fly tying Caddis Fly Shop.com. They are located in the Northwest USA. Lots of Spey casting for Salmon and the use of tube flies. If possible purchase the Pro Tube starter kit. Has all you need to get started, and get the proper materials. Have a Good Time Paul
  3. Another option is using the PRO TUBE TYING system. The is made up of a thin beefier section. Tye on the thin section and then insert the hook eye in the beefier section, no need for a connecting tube. You can tye on the beefier part if so desired. The CADDIS FLY SHOP has a great selection of components and prices are good.
  4. Rich First learn to handle the material and thread. A good pattern to start out on is the BLONDE SERIES by Joe BRooks. This is good because very few materials are required and you can tye them on hooks no.2 and larger. Besides they catch fish.
  5. I have two TFO outfits, one BVK 6wgt and one 10wgtAxiom. Both are very easy to cast, with the 10wgt a fast action. I fish the surf or flats and I feel fine after a morning of fishing. You will not be casting like a rapid fire drill, slow down walk and see where you want to put your next cast. My reel for the 10wgt is an older SA 10/11wgt all metal with 30lb backing, fly line for flats fishing FW10F and for surf is 10wgt Intermedate, stays under the wave action.
  6. Saltybum Thanks for the info, and have a great turkey day. Paul
  7. Saltybum That would be great. Of late I have been tying some older standard flies, FLATWING patterns used mostly for northeast striper fishing. Trying to use color combos that represent the local baitfish. If and when I can figure out how to post pictures I will. Thanx for listening. Paul
  8. Saltybum Great looking ties, should prove to be very successful. Paul
  9. Saltybum. What part of the east coast are you fishing? I would be interested so as to find a place to wade fish. Any info willbe great. Thanks.
  10. Singletrack Thank-you for the comeback. Just came in from doing some casting with new 10wgt. You are correct that it is going to be a good surf rod. I was casting a single flat wing fly. This fly was the size of the bait fish in the lake. Not looking to catch a bass must to see how the rod handles this size fly, and how the fly tracks. Have not tyed many of them recently, all seems a go.
  11. Just added a new 10 wgt TFO Axiom to the collection. I was at the Florida chapter of the IFFF , Plantion Inn and tested the rod. It is a rocket launcher. Hope to use it in the surf. The rod is well made and finish is very nice. This is my second TFO. The other is 6wgt BVK with matching reel, again well made and casts better than I can. In the process of building some new leaders for the 10wgt.
  12. Silver Creek I clean mainly to de-salt the rod, reel and line. Sometimes the backwaters have some silt and that hinders my casting.
  13. This may help. I fish the saltwaters of Florida and Wash my lines after every outing. Washing is done with Woolite, then dressed with Cortland Dressing, seems that this works the best for me. Most of my fly lines are Rio.
  14. Great looking shrimp pattern. Is this pattern meant for saltwater or freshwater? What other materials can be used for the mouth? Once again great tye!
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