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  1. Great article thanks. Learned a lot.
  2. All, I live in Alaska and have one shop in town that sells tying material. I’ve been tying off and on for a few years now, mostly streamers and eggs for trout and salmon fishing. I picked this hobby up in Germany years ago. I usually order my materials from J Stockard, but have some material left over from shops in Germany and Slovenia. The difference between tying with those materials opposed to J Stockard materials is night and day. Specifically this year in dealing with zonker strips… the German company’s hides are straight and flat and they staple the material to a backing to ensure it stays that way, hair is thick….where as the J Stockard stuff comes in a bag that is all twisted and tougher to deal with. My question… is there a place in the US that sells materials more like what I found in Europe. I’ve looked the company up and found some stuff but figured the shipping would kill me. The company on the packaging is called Fly Scene. PIC ATTACHED.
  3. Where do u go in the park... I'm headin near Cosby tn in a few weeks
  4. Thanks for all the comments n advice.... To to recent changes in family schedule we chose Cosby tn to rent a cabin. Close to gatlinburg... But right next to the smokey man national Forrest. Will try to hit blue ridge up on the way back down to alabama
  5. This seems to be the consensus on the Georgia forum too
  6. Just got stationed in souther Alabama and looking to take a vacation to do some trout river fishing.... Looks like nw Georgia might be the closest spot. Anybody know of any rivers/ towns in the southern portion of the Appalachians to fly fish in late May? Thanks in advance
  7. I am out in Slovenia fishing and have come across a new pattern I want to tie. The klinkhammer is being utilized out here with some success. I watched a video on it, and searched through the tutorials here but haven't been able to come up with an answer as to how long the hackles should be..... anyway I tied one up so I can throw it on here and gets some feedback.... make the adjustments.... and then go fish them. I am going to tie another one up with a little bit shorter hackles..... YOUR FEEDBACK/ CRITICISM is welcomed here!! Thanks
  8. 1 Week into my Slovenia trip.... had some decent success on a few of my flies, some more success on flies bought from the store (out of my skill range for right now). Pretty cool though.... the biggest fish was a Hucho Hucho caught in the Sava Bohinjka on a streamer, from what I understand that's pretty rare...., another one (the one that is a crappy pic) is a 40+cm Grayling which is my biggest grayling so far.... pretty cool experience so far
  9. I was in your position a year ago... one of the best pieces of advice given to me, was to go to a local shop and get a lesson. This helped me tremendously in knowing what I was looking for when searching for gear. Not sure what your knowledge base is.... but if it was like mine (none).... the lesson helped. You may even find someone locally that would be willing to meet up and just let you tie for a bit..... I am stationed in Germany so there weren't as many options, I just went to the local store. Anyway I woujld also say buying material for just a few flies would limit spending money on things you will never use.
  10. Just got back from a school in the states... once I hit Germany again I was able to tie some flies up and hit the Nagold River. I have to say, I appreciate all of the advice everyone has given me on this site. I will say the fish seem to be less picky than tyers lol..... This past week I had great success with some PT and GRHE nymphs I tied up. I usually don't like nymph fishing, but I have to say, since I have learned to tie my own flies.... I feel addicted to it. Anyway thanks to all that have taken the time to put there 2 cents in.... I am now on the quest to start tying different patterns
  11. Yeah... I caught some decent ones on black caddis last year... but my knowledge is so limited I can only tie one type of caddis so far..... differ colors but only one type. I am working on the Adams...although I don't know if I will have a product worthy of using by then. When you say "Olives" in a few sizes are you talking BWO??
  12. Just getting out of a school (Arizona....had absolutely no time to fish)....but going to head to Slovenia for a trip in Mid-June. I ususally fish around the Bled area (Savah Bohikja) Does anyone have any info on a few nymphs and a few dries that would be good that time of year at that location. My default is usually streamers which work well there...but would like to have more success with Dries in the evening
  13. Here is the first attempt at the Hopper Jason was talking about for the AZ trip. Not sure if I will get to fish there (found out we don't have a 4 day while there) still may drive up to Sadona for a SAT/SUN trip.
  14. Second attempt. Feels like it is getting better. The hackle lengths seems OK now, and there is no dubbing under the hackle this time..... the tail is hackle fibers now, although a little weak looking. Looks like maybe the body should extend forward a little bit. This go around seemed like it was getting slightly easier. Will keep working on it!
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