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  1. i have a feeling the rensetti might be a little more polished, granted my apex is over ten years old and tied its way to hell and back, I remember having to touch up the tip of the jaws with a small file a while back still a great vise and great price and warranty recommend it.
  2. I have been tying on an anvil apex since 2004, and spent 6 of those years production tying. Great vise no complaints there is a rubber O-Ring that wears out that the vise rotates on $1.98 gets you a box of ten o-rings and its a 2min fix.
  3. I got plenty of hoppers tied out of traditional materials but i'm starting to tie with more foam. Just looking to see some of the foam hoppers you fellas tie and fish.
  4. small flash back hare's ear, san juan worm, brassie, muddler minnow,
  5. emergers size 16 on a caddis hook upright wing and parachute size 18. size 20 I just dub he body and a few turns of hackle no wings fingers are to fat. size 18 is what I fish the most.
  6. I have been tying a very similar orange muddler for some time now it has been responsible for all of the brook trout over 3 pounds this year and several in the past. Great fly in my opinion.
  7. 5'3" 4wt, 8' 5wt, 9' 7wt, 9'6" 10wt the 5wt sees the most use. And an old 9' 8wt for trolling
  8. favorite LT. Cahill, most productive size 18 BWO in one form or another.
  9. the muddler is my favorite fly. I love it in all of its varieties (natural, marabou, cone head, combo, etc...) I also tie a lot of my classic Rangeley style streamers in buck tail instead of feathers as the buck tail is hollow and moves a little more in the water but can still be tied sparse to imitate a smelt.
  10. I got a pile of PB but its old really old.
  11. size 6 2x long muddler marabou or natural. You can fish it up down with or with out weight or on top as a hopper. So much can be done with that fly on the stream with just a pair of sissors.
  12. Rockfish is what they call stripers in Maryland Virginia and North Carolina but never heard freshwater stripers called that.
  13. Fall Stompah. Love orange and so do the brook trout
  14. me too or marabou or both marabou with a sparse buck tail under wing
  15. chub on a mickey finn at bolsters mill on the crooked river in Harrison Maine I was 7
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