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  1. So I take it that I am banned for life for no reason?
  2. ok.. Not sure how that woudl even happen when I have made so many post already.. We where even having a conversation about the forum settings.
  3. Any idea on why I am blocked from making any kind of post or even contacting admins to ask what is going on? I can view, but I'm totally blocked from making any kind of post on all topics and no way to even contact the admins.. Any ideas on what happen? I have not be on there in over a month and have many post and topics and now I'm blocked??? Sorry, you don't have permission for that! You have been restricted from posting on this community. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator
  4. Very well sealed. I think it came with eggs when I got it and now they hatched.. I checked all my other feathers and everything else is perfectly fine. I always keep my materials sealed up. Probably keep this skin in the garage for a while until It's for sure clean from moths. I think I might try the Cedar method as mothballs make me gag.. Stinks so bad I can taste it..
  5. TMC 2487 Size 12 - 6mm Otter Egg Transparent Apricot - Transparent Red Seed Bead - Otter's Milking Veil - UNI-Thread Trico 17/0 - LocTite Super Glue. They sell glass red beads that are solid round which I think would be perfect for these flies, but they are only available at 1 online store and you have to buy way too many of them..
  6. First time I have ever seen tiny moths in my Feathers! What do I do now? It's a large full Female Pheasant Skin..
  7. I seen a couple website that sold these skins and most where pretty tight like the partridge I see online sold in the packages. Usually cost around $15 plus shipping. This one was $15, but the shipping cost was $9 after I talked his down from his $15 he was asking, but he usually sends them all spread out on a big piece of cardboard. Top price was paid for this skin, so it wasn't a "deal" but hopefully it was a good investment, if not, I will just sell it and buy something else
  8. Hackle looks pretty good in those pictures. I'm sure I can come up with something I will post once a tie a few. Probably tie them on some TMC105 hooks. How do you properly match a pair? Just try to perfectly match 2 feather that look the same, just reverse from each other?
  9. I just bought this for $24 total shipped. I should have not bought it since I didn't really have the extra money to get it, but I did anyway.. Figured if it didn't work I could at least sell it and get my money back. I should have it by next week sometime. Not a very good picture
  10. Too late! They are already here. I ran under the house as soon as I seen them pull up. I brought my vice and materials so I should be ok down here for at least a couple days..
  11. Female Phasianus Colchicus. Are these birds any good for fly tying? Soft Hackle? I see males online, but I don't really see any of the females.
  12. Looks like the species is the Indian Roller
  13. Not worried about there being bugs on it, but moist dead birds that been dead for who knows how long makes me wonder if there is now something growing on it as far a a decease or Ecoli or something?
  14. I was kinda thinking about doing that also. I'm just worried about since the skin is so soft now, there may be some moisture on the feathers stems with who knows what on it? Maybe I can just treat the feathers I pluck off the skin?
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