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  1. Just found out this morning I have these on the way from one of my midwest buddies as well.
  2. Quick update on the project. I've received a good amount of flies from members on here, friends on instagram, some fly shops and guides I know. I've attached a few pictures showing some of the flies. I still have a few boxes, tackle, and flies from my Pig Farm friends up in Fort Collins, CO headed down. I got in the Shoshone decals from my buddy Amos up in Canada and I think they turned out great. Right now Jay and I are brainstorming ideas to get a few fly rods/reels up there too. He might be able to get some gear from the sponsors of Geobass, but we aren't 100% sure yet. I will keep updating as the project advances. I've been talking to one of our hosts from the reservation and we are tentatively planning a trip in May or June to drop everything off and take everyone fishing. I'm really excited how well everything is going so far and, if we can get the donated rods and reels, it would be even better. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I just started a new job, got a promotion there, and have two other fly fishing related projects in the works too. I hope to share some exciting news in the future about working with Fair Flies and the Trout Unlimited 5 Rivers programs. Thanks to everyone for the support so far and it looks like I will be keeping the drive open until I head up there so if anyone still feels like contributing, let me know. I really do appreciate everything guys. Jackson
  3. Vic, My mistake. I've been incredibly busy. I got your package and a few others. I will post a more in depth update by the weekend with some photos.
  4. It was past the barb and it hadn't been de-barbed yet. Not my favorite fly tying moment.
  5. When you're tying barefoot and don't notice you knocked a hook off your tying table...
  6. Update: still waiting on a few packages from some of my Midwest guide and shop buddies. Decals are in the mail to me. Can't wait until everything is together. I'll be sure to post a photo. Thanks to everyone here that sent flies in.
  7. Also a rotary vise makes working with weird tools easier when wrapping the hook. Cheech, I've been doing a lot of complex twists with using a pair of hackle pliers and a dubbing twister to mirror your rig. Rotary function is clutch for that.
  8. Tying a new pattern every night almost. Here are a few so far.
  9. Thanks. It looks like I've tied some of those patterns already and I have a few member with flies on the way to hopefully round everything out.
  10. Thanks. It looks like I've tied some of those patterns already and I have a few member with flies on the way to hopefully round everything out.
  11. A wiggle minnow with rattles on sinking line. That should be it.
  12. That a pretty awesome tie Kimo. I too remember seeing the video a while back, but don't know anyone that's actually tied it. Great job.
  13. Cheech please post that tutorial soon. I'd love to give this a go as a winter project. Can't afford the real thing now and would rather customize it anyway. Looking forward to it. Filling the old bathtub is too annoying and with the amount of streamers I've been tying a $35 tester would be rad.
  14. I think I've responded to everyone's PMs regarding this. Thanks for the love. Should be setting these kids up right. May have some gently used rods and reels on the way too. For a little project I just decided to put together, its shaping up to be pretty badass. Thanks for everyone that has offered to contribute so far!
  15. Rabbit three ways. Zonker tail, palmered collar, dubbing loop head. Never know what you will come up with when you are bored. This is another boredom creation. Lots of marabou. Should look great in the water. Dry and Wet pictures. Also, Mike you are definitely right about hours at the vise making you better. I try to tie at least 2-3 flies a day. Definitely noticed my skills improving over the years, in cleanliness of flies, techniques, and creativity.
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