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  1. I tend to agree with all said above. I just want to emphasize that what it sounds like your biggest problem is the dircection of tension. When you are whip finishing, pull the finishing tool back towards the rear of the hook, keeping constant tension, and start wrapping back down the hok shank. Then, even after you "pop" the thread of the tool keep the tool pulled rearward as much as possible. Hope this helps!
  2. My first fish I caught on a fly was a blue gill at my local campground. I caught it on a black and green chenille spider with rubber white legs. It starts sinking slowly and it still my best lake pattern. Bass and panfish just eat it up. My first fly I tied was tied without a vise or bobbin was a huge black caddis-ish thing tied with craft store wire and on a bait hook.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I know they look upside down, but it is a weird vise and that is actually the way they are.
  4. Critiques on this fly please. Just started tying this past June. Would enjoy the help
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