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  1. just wondering if anyone knows of a simple pattern for imitating a shad for bass
  2. i know alot of people have complained of hooks slipping i did so at one point to. I get that it is fustrating to spend a ton of $$$ and have somthing not work right. i found thst it was just my mistake that the hoooks slipped. the nob at the top is very precice. when you adjust it you need to find a sweet spot once you get it no more slips. i was so agrivated but now i am used to the adjustment it takes 2 secinds now. merry chistmas!
  3. i started with a dynaking squires vise that my dads freind gave me i just got a trekker today love it
  4. got the trekker for x-mas love it more than the renzetti
  5. never underestimate a well tied thread body!
  6. your right he likes saticfied coustomers = return coustomers
  7. hey just wondering what sizes would a grade 3 tie the sadle and neck
  8. i am going to try to top my rainbow record of 27 inches and tying a punk rocker
  9. phesent tails 14-22 zug bug 12-18 princton nymph 12-18 all nymphs bead optinal. for dries adams and parachute adams 12-22 wolly olive with bared hackle 8-14
  10. i am glad its still in some skin chunks usable at least
  11. yup my little 15 pound chinise crested ripped up my dark barred ginger cape i got less than a week ago. Screw! Me!
  12. one of my other wet flies i love is a march brown with soft hackle collar
  13. i know really its what the fish like lol
  14. for rs2s i like 20s but thats me . dries i like 16 somtimes a 22 if there pickey
  15. I think the most versitile dry fly is a parachute becuase it coud be a dun or a spinner of posiibly an emerger. If i did not know were i was going to fish parachute adams in size 16-22 22 not neccesary
  16. Just wanted to see What "wet flies" You all like. Mine so far is a partridge and orange. I like it becuase its simple easy fun to mess with color and it just works! this one is in fl pink
  17. True is was the jaw serrations i think my vise was old from my dads freind who no longer ties so...
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