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  1. i know alot of people have complained of hooks slipping i did so at one point to. I get that it is fustrating to spend a ton of $$$ and have somthing not work right. i found thst it was just my mistake that the hoooks slipped. the nob at the top is very precice. when you adjust it you need to find a sweet spot once you get it no more slips. i was so agrivated but now i am used to the adjustment it takes 2 secinds now. merry chistmas! :)

  2. Elk Hair caddis or Parachute BWO. Dont make me pick one...


    I tend to still carry around mayfly dressings in traditional (Catskill "style" as much as that word causes debates) parachute, and comparaduns... and am not convinced i need all 3.


    Im also not convinced which one I'd give up. Ack!

    i know really its what the fish like lol

  3. Vise jaws do not last forever, and if you tie a lot you will wear them out. The Renzetti will be no different, although if you wore out the cross hatching in the Dyna-King jaws in just two year, you must be tying a ton. As you have found, Dyna-King will recondition the jaws which will solve the immediate problem. You'll find that if/when you need new Traveler jaws, Renzetti will simply recommend you buy another set.

    True is was the jaw serrations i think my vise was old from my dads freind who no longer ties so...

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