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  1. In october i cought a fish of a life time on a size 12 zug bug The fish was 27 inches long and was just under 7 pounds after all of its eggs were out. here is a pic of me with it.
  2. that is another one of my go to's is a parachute though
  3. Honestly i have never really noticed a diffrence unless the water is really clear and at that point i am fishing size 22 and 6x tippet
  4. I was just curious to see what you guys like . My personal favorite is A parachute Adams in size 16-22
  5. good ol rem oil made it smoth but wont help jaws i am going for renzetti
  6. depends what thread uni suck throug utc threader
  7. thanks they are going to have mine "referbished"(.wink wink). I am probably getting a renzetti travler for chistmas so either way
  8. my dyna king squires jaws are slipping hooks. i am sure it is the jaws being worn or somthing. i tried flipping them upside down no luck/ plz help
  9. i am starting to think the renzetti is for me becuse i tie mostly light stuff. thanks again
  10. i have tried both and tie ussaly under size 10( big ol dries) down to the the very smallest of a 32
  11. Hey crackaig what happened when the midge jaws went?
  12. thanks for all the info i have tied on both for me my dk squire jaws never failed so i am leaning tword the dk
  13. Hi i have been looking at new vices and i looked at the renzzeti travler and a dyna king trekker. Idk what i like more so i just wanted to see your oppinions. i have past experince with dyna king. none with renzzeti
  14. size 12 wolly bugger in olive it just works
  15. the hook penetraits deeper and faster and comes out easier but you may lose more fish. Btw i am new to this fourm can somone tell me how to start my own topic
  16. I have not tied on one yet but i held it it felt sturdy. Happy tying
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