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  1. I want to clarify a few points in my business model. 1) I understand that it has been done, I just want to start up as a competitor. With only a handful of competitors, the odds seem pretty good. Just because there are thousands of grocery stores, that doesnt stop people from opening their own. 2) My original marketing demographics was people who are fly anglers. That being said, I also noticed that a majority of the people who fly fish are already engulfed in the addiction. The market is almost non-existent for people who are considered millennials/generation z because most companies sell to people who already got the bug. THAT is the market I am after (people looking for a way to get into this new world while simultaneously utilizing the benefits of the internet). 3) I am set apart from the other companies that already do this same style of business because I am willing to shell out the extra cash for quality materials that are proven to be used time and time again on the water and create loyal customers. The competitors may have a cheaper price, but the product reflects the price they are paying. 4) I am going with more of an education based system. For example: The Foundation Package will be 12 months that teaches someone the techniques, rhythm, and overall essential skills needed to tie flies while simultaneously increasing the difficulty and skill level required so that the customer gains a better overall understanding of the art of tying. This will be implemented with the three main subsets of flies used in fly fishing (dries, streamers, nymphs) and will be supplemented with instructional videos to accommodate those who are more visual/auditory learners while allowing them to utilize their kinesthetic abilities and tie the flies step-by-step in front of them. I will more than likely run a Year 1 test on a subject group of 40 people ranging in age, gender, experience, and location to get statistics on how each participant liked the program. Afterwards, with enough positive results, I can continue providing time-proven angler-approved fly patterns to the customers.
  2. Hey everyone, havent been on here in quite a while. Two years ago I up and joined the finest fighting force in the world and have been busy ever since. Just a quick introduction: My name is Ryver Adair and I am currently a United States Marine stationed out in California. I am starting up my own business in my free time and want your opinion on the product idea and if it would be something you or someone you know would be interested in. I am starting up an online subscription box service that delivers materials and instructions to your door each month. The box contains enough material to tie 10 flies and you can choose between a streamer or a dry fly box. Each month contains a different pattern as well as the instructions to tie it. I have it priced at $25/month for the dry fly box and $30/month for the streamers(they use more material and need a wider variety)> The price each month goes down if you pre-order 3,6,or 12 months in advance as well. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if it is something you think you might be into one day. Semper Fi
  3. So I have recently taken up fly-fishing/tying again after my lengthy suspension on my license (long story) and was looking through my materials and was wondering what in the world I could tie with this stuff. I want to use some of it up before I go out and buy some more, which might take awhile because when I first started I bought a ridiculous amount of EVERYTHING. I usually tie dry flies and have used up most of my #10 dry fly hooks and now I have an assortment of nymph hooks and #12 and smaller dry and wet hooks. Since it being winter(ish) here in northern Ohio, I was wanting to tie some flies that would catch the attention of some steelhead or brown trout in the Cuyahoga River. Here is my materials: Chenille( in a wide variety of colors and material make) Dubbing (every color imaginable) Shlappen (Brown and I think one or two neon colors) Deer Hide Elk Hide Bear Hide Peacock A load of marabou in a variety of colors Tons of beads and a bunch of miscellaneous material from a grab bag made of stuff no one was buying Any tips or tricks or patterns would be quite helpful. Thanks!
  4. And please no harassment, heckling, or anything of the sort. You are entitled to your own opinion and if you have any questions that seriously offend you PLEASE private message me. This isn't for debating which religion is better or whether God is real, it is for Christians and people are interested in the faith. Again, if you have any questions regarding Gods existence or other religions please Private message me. Thanks again
  5. Hey everyone! I have been thinking about starting a thread involving a series in which I post a passage of Scripture from the Bible and then we discuss it! I was just wondering how many of you would be interested. But before we continue let me tell a bit about myself. I am a 17 year old high school student. I have recently been accepted into Moody Bible Institute and plan to pursue Ministry Leadership with a Preaching focus. My plan is to get my degree, maybe attend seminary and then one day hopefully run a church. But whatever God has planned for me will be fine! I may be young but I have much knowledge and wisdom on this topic (1 Timothy 4:12) (although my fly fishing skills are still novice). We can discuss the verses I post, any verses you guys post, any questions you have, any topics that deserve a Christian insight, or anything faith-related! If you guys have any personal questions feel free to send me a personal message and I`ll help you the best I can! Again, let me know what you guys think and maybe it will become something big!
  6. I`ve been interested in tying an assortment of Adams flies. I think It`d be cool to do a swap of the such where someone would tie any variation of the fly whether it be an original Adams, a downing, a female(one with an egg), a moosetail, a parachute, a reversed Adams, a spent wing, a Delaware Adams, or any other variations! I myself do not meet the requirements to start a swap, but if anyone is interested maybe we could get one going! Let me know what you guys think
  7. I am genuine farm hand. Finding odd jobs here and there just trying to find some cash to support my fishing addiction. Recently joined a Fishers Anonymous group but they just seem to influence me even more Being only 17 I havent yet started a career yet, but Im looking into ministry work. Hopefully Ill start a fly fishers for Christ group, but who knows
  8. I would do it but the smallest I got is 16... I'll be sure to add smaller hooks to my checklist next time I hit up the fly shop
  9. I have always been interested in living off of the land just me and the great outdoors. I just recently watched the move Alone in the Wilderness; a movie about Dick Proenneke. It just amazes me how he made all of his hand tools, other than the heads, and built a log cabin with his bare hands. The crazy part is the he remained living there for 30 years! Anyway, just wondering if any of you guys have done something like this? Also, if you guys have any knowledge about living off the land, building a cabin, carving your own tools, etc. to please share;whether it be a personal experience or a website of some sort. That would be great. Thanks in advance!
  10. Anyone have any good websites for someone who wants to learn about entomology? I kind of just tie flies based on what I think looks yummy but I want to start tying for the fish.All help is welcomed, thanks.
  11. Thanks Bronc, that makes sense as to why I couldn't win now. Anyways, thanks for asking so all of us know.
  12. I entered about 2 years ago, put in a classic salmon pattern my grandpa had "invented". they sent me a letter saying that i would have won if i wasnt a minor. kinda bummed out they wouldnt let a 15 year old beat out the old farts around here (just kidding). anyways i didnt know you had to be 18+ but good luck everyone!
  13. A couple questions. 1. Im starting to get into tube tying and was wondering what kind of "homemade" materials you guys suggest, I have plenty of traditional fly tying materials so thats not a problem 2. Can you tie dry flies on a tube? 3. How can you rig a tube without using the rubber piece on the end of the hook (its like a little rubber piece that goes on the eye of the hook after you tie it and then you insert it into the actual tube) Thanks, Ryver A.
  14. What happened? Why did you stop?
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