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  1. Did anyone get the orvis fly tying kits? How did u like it and how was the vise in it? Anybody use it?
  2. Very nice. What would be the type of fish to fish this fly with..
  3. What do u guys like for a starter vice.. think the ones in the kits are prertt cheap if u ask me. Lol
  4. Yeah does desks are awesome if u can find some for cheap like u did.. how does everyone kike their nor-vice for the ones that has one..?
  5. Hey flyunder. Yeah I just started three months ago but I just wanted a few ideas of what guys have as a station and if they like the Nor-Vice at all.. wanted to see what they had as stations already made and how expensive it is.. And maybe guys that have a station with the Nor-Vice together to give me am idea what guys have.. Cheers and thanks..
  6. Yeah in spent alot of time looking in the google search images at a ton of stations and I want to see some with the nor-vice on them and see what other people come up with.. Any sites u guys know where they sell some really nice ones?
  7. I tried to search "Show Bench" and nothing showed up that was relevant to fly tying stations. . Lol
  8. Hey guys. I'm new on this forum, I'm from ottawa Ontario Canada and I will soon be getting a new vice and I really like the Nor-Vice. I want to get a fly tying station and I can't seem to find one I like. I'm not to good with wood working so getting one already made would work for me greatly.. Just wanted to see what u guys have as stations and if U could post picutres or if U bought one where did u get it from? Even if u ty with a Now-Vice how do u like it and how did u install it to your station or bench.. Any help is greatly appreciated.. Cheers guys and thanks
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