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  1. Why is necessary to attack someone making a suggestion? I have monitor this site for many years. Just making a point. Did I say I didn't like diversity? I'm not complaining, just making some GOOD points. A user-friendly website? I beginning to wonder.
  2. Hans Great job! Nothing but QUALITY!!!! Your photography is amazing!! When are you coming to Colorado? I hear from Sue K weekly. Mark M says hi! Mark Tracy
  3. "if you don't like them don't click on them" This is so obvious, and rudimentary! It's all about content and how it is distributed. Some of these polls i.e. "What's your favorite dry fly" shouldn't even be on the tier's page. Polls are fine if they're more specific. In the poll "What thread do you use" is a joke! Every fly has a thread that works best. So, should I list over 30 threads that I use? How to we learn from this? I often wonder, are most of these polls written by manufactures, just to see what's being used? I would rather see threads about "what are your tricks of the trade"? or what problems are you having? how do you get your proportions right? and etc. It is difficult to satisfy the beginner and the advanced; but to confuse the beginner with over general polls, this isn't the intent of this site. I don't think?
  4. These cutters are the only way your fly will look consistent and professional. River Road Creations are great folks.
  5. Why? What good are they? Maybe for the beginner? Most are way to general. Remember, I'm not try to start a fight just trying to understand.
  6. I clean my line once a year whether it needs it or not. I fish 3 time a week! Actually, I replace mine once a year.
  7. Hans did you photograph the flies in the book?
  8. That's ALL of the girls??? Im partial to Goldie. Very nice flies!
  9. sore eyes


    Where in Montana? Welcome!
  10. The Mo Betta Minnow available through Umpqua also see here under Mark Tracy http://www.flytyingclips.com
  11. Oldtrout,, I'm lusting at your Law vise. How can you tie with UV coatings during the day?
  12. Thanks Dave! Just downloaded it. My only regret is, I don't have a copy for Bob to sign. Met him twice; very down to earth guy. BTW….. What's the catch? Why free?
  13. I made this out of cherry and wooden dowels, turned on a lathe, to fit clear fluorescent bulb covers.
  14. I have that fly in my fly box; tied by you! Enjoyed the 2 days we got to fish together at Lon Hagler!!!! How's the new rod?
  15. No you wont... Maybe not. If Lyle, the owner of Rite Bobbins, let's me work his booth, I may get more. Maybe I should stand out on an intersection with a sign that reads " will work for bobbins".
  16. I have 11 Rite Bobbins; wonderful to use but takes some time to change out the thread. Hence, the 11 bobbins. Going to stop at 15.
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