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  1. Dronlee, You have great skills. I can only hope to have skills like that someday. I'm looking for more "realistic" patterns that I can try and learn to fly. Also, do these realistic patterns tend to catch more fish?
  2. This is incredible. You have perfected this art! Can you give me any tips. Also, do you have any other demonstrations of flies you have tied?
  3. What is the best way to preserve an elk hide. Elk hair caddis are made from the elk hair of the body correct? So if i kill an elk I should have enough elk hair to make about 200 elk hair caddis flies?
  4. Hello fellow fly tyers, Lately I have been shooting a variety of birds in order to supply myself with free feathers. I'm new to the fly tying game so I'm not really familiar with what types of feathers to use for different parts of a fly. Birds have many different types of feathers, so it's hard for a beginner to know what types of feathers work best. Does anyone have any suggestions or websites to look at in order to better my understanding for which feathers to use and how to use them? Thank you, and may your lines stay tight!
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