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  1. I'm a couple hours south of there but everytime we drive through I day dream of hitting the beaches along the Sunshine Skyway. Lots of wind surfers there, I think two rest areas to park at along with parking all along the highway with open spots in the trees to gain access. Its a very windy spot though.
  2. I use a go pro Hero Black now. It isn't nearly as easy to use as my old Ion was. The Ion is quicker to get into action, was sleeker on the head strap and easier to download on to the PC and Facebook. I don't see them around anymore though. I find the go pro too top heavy/tall to be hat mounted in a way to feel secure like the Ion was.
  3. Four years in the military, 25 years in the employ of local government, every desk I ever got was prefab particle board. That desk must have come from Obama's oval office!
  4. Maybe for health reasons. My cardiologist told me to never eat tilapia. Its diet makes it about the only fish full of bad fats/amino acids, and devoid of the good fats/amino acids. They are the scurge of my homewaters. Over populated, they have over nutriated the water, forced bass off prime bedding areas since they spawn 5 times a year! I haven't seen a crappie or bluegill in years. All displaced. The landlocked tarpon and snook don't target them at all. All thanks to a state biologist who with his doctor's degree still couldn't tell a tilapia from a Nile Perch and stocked them foolishly into Fl. waters.
  5. I went to Staples looking for a brown sharpie to coat some powerpro line and found they had colors in sets. Some pastel, some more manly or natural in hue like olive, brown, dull yellow.
  6. I don't get all the negatives...... Sharpies and a can of air expensive? They are already laying around the house doing nothing. I might keep half a dozen poppers and maybe use them twice a year. This makes far more sense than an airbrush. A great tip for some people and I'll put it to good use.
  7. Funny review. They don't review all models, just a select few, then comment that the Renzetti's only con is its old technology! In the sport of fly fishing where the reel is the simplest yet somehow most expensive fishing apparatus possible, they complain a vise is using old technology......
  8. Do you guys really have rules like no more than 1/8oz. and WF lines only? I'm always amazed that in a 'free country' we have sections of water only usable to fly fishermen or that all waters are not free to all citizens....
  9. So the basic kids craft stuff is not the same thing........ Thanks guys!
  10. I tie with EP hair, supreme hair, Steve Farrer and bucktail. I want to try my hand at tying hollow streamers and see craft hair, craft fur mentioned a lot. Is this the same craft hair I see on the shelves at Hobby Lobby and Michaels? What is meant by extra select?
  11. mylobass

    6wt bass line

    Thanks for this link! I hate using a stripping basket and I hesitate to use some of my stupidly expensive lines when I hit the jetties or fish around barnicle encrusted docks. This line solves that problem.
  12. I've had my Atlas for almost a decade I think. Cost me $150 back then from Orlando Outfitters. I just tie salty flies so size 1/0 down for inshore stuff and bass too. The jaws have never failed and the plastic knobs have given me no trouble at all. Its a better vise than I am a tyer.
  13. I've made a couple, bought one that was like a spring loaded box of netting because Mr.Kreh said it was his favorite. Hated them all. Using them drove me batty, never seemed to hold the line, just spill it all over. Didn't need it in the yak. Don't need it on the jon boat. Walking the gulf beach where I live is like standing ankle deep in a bath tub. Wading the flats I am targeting the mangrove shoreline. Bass fishing, the grass/weeds/mud at my feet hasn't destroyed my lines. I cannot recall missing a fish, losing a fish or tangling my line in itself or floating weeds. I have used a loop clip on my belt and found that useful. I hated using, wearing and coping with a basket. If I had to use a basket to fly fish successfully I would go back to baitcasting. To each their own....
  14. Thanks, Englewood and Charlotte Harbor area.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm a bass and snook angler. Also try for baby tarpon and would love to find the key to regularly hooking up to the huge tilapia that over populate my area. Can't wait to learn more from this friendly forum.
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