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  1. Just gel super glue..sometimes throw a coat of Sally Hansen's over the top. I do intend to pick up some clear cure goo at some point.
  2. I should be focused on early trout season, but just can't stop thinking big..
  3. Second try at the split feather wing - love this technique!
  4. Quick tie with some congo hair..hook is a bit small for this one, but very easy and fast to tie. Really holds a nice profile when wet.
  5. If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they have small packs of roving, 2 colors per pack. Some great natural colors, too. Around $2/pack. http://shop.hobbylobby.com/search/?keyword=wool%20roving
  6. First attempt at a dragonfly..a few changes in mind for the next one, but could've come out worse I guess.
  7. Ok I have to ask...how long did this take? I thought it was a real bug at first glance..excellent work!
  8. You're new to tying? Hot damn! Those look great! Well, started last November, so a couple months. Actually quite surprised at the responses..you're all too kind! I'm very grateful for all of the amazing videos and step by steps all over. Hellooo new addiction..
  9. New to tying and starting to do some of my own 'creations'..not sure how these will work, but I guess that's part of learning.
  10. Hi, everyone. Brand new to this forum and have only been tying a couple months. I was attempting a zonker/marabou perch-ish pattern, but am struggling a bit. I need some advice on this one...something just doesn't quite look right. Thoughts?
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