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  1. Steelie Blue Spey Hook: Daichi 2151 Size 1 Thread: Veevus 12/0 Black Tag: Silver Tinsel Medium Tail: Lady Amherst Tippets (10-12) Butt:One Strand Peacock Herl (8 Wraps) Body: Steelie Blue Ice Dub Rib: Silver Tinsel Medium Hackle: Burnt Goose Shoulder Kingfisher Blue (4 Wraps) Collar: Guinea Dyed UV Blue Wing: White Bucktail Shoulder: Bronze Mallard (8 Fibers Each Side) Cheek: Jungle Cock
  2. Perfect for a fishing fly. About the only things it lacks to be a "framer" is symmetry on the wing materials, horn, and topping and a tighter tail. The tag and butt look great and the rib looks like it is very tight and symmetrical. Good size on the head as well. Much better than my first, I'm embarrassed to post it.
  3. Got tired of tying "fishing" flies so I got creative and tied something a little fancier.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I havent been able to really find a true "Golden Badger" strung hackle that is readily available. Some of the "Badger" that I am finding though is actually close enough to Golden to sub. I mostly use strung right now, but am slowly acquiring necks/saddles for my go to colors.
  5. I use it for bodies on classic Steelhead patterns. I for some reason can not dub worth a darn so it replaces dubbing on some flies as well.
  6. Wondering what is your guys' favorite hackle for tying classics like the Thor, GBS, etc. I've been using Schlappen and Chinese necks mostly with good results. Theres one pattern that is throwing me for a loop and thats the Kalama Special which calls for Golden Badger, quite rare to find a Golden Badger colored Chinese neck! I've used Indian Rooster for it, but the barbs are very sparse. Was thinking of trying a Whiting Bugger Pack, but not sure if I'll get the length I need for the size 2-4 flies. I've also thought about using the Whiting American Rooster saddles. If anyone has a source for Golden Badger for fly sizes 2/0-8 please post them and let me know what other hackle your using for your patterns with success.
  7. Great tie, love GBS variations/inspirations.
  8. I'm curious to know how well the jaws hold up. That is a very neat idea though and well executed.
  9. I love the Veevus 16/0, but must say I havent tried the Tiemco.
  10. Classic Hairwings: Homemade pattern "Weskunkee". A variation of the GBS for the Wenatchee River in WA Classic GBS Kalama Special Polar Shrimp Thor Homemade pattern with a fox wing Skagit Coachman
  11. I have one from Griffin. Was $7. Worth the investment for me as a new tier. I use it all the time.
  12. For me it's Grizzly, Brown, Dark Barred Ginger and Black. I havent started using any patterns that need Dun yet, but know I will in the future. Black is excellent for ants and a variety of midges. At $20 for a 100 pack, just get a Pro Grade or Bronze Cape and have a full variety of sizes. Better yet, spend $60 and get a whiting hackle into package. They usually come with Grizzly, Brown, Dun, and Cream. Some have black. You can get mixes of saddles and caped. Excellent choice to get some 1/2 saddles or capes on the cheap.
  13. I picked up a JC cape from the estonian guy for $23 shipped, great cape for tying. Tons of nails with good color, most have 1 split easily repairable. As for online stores, my order goes: 1.) Caddis Fly Shop 2.) Pacific Fly Fishers 3.) Feathercraft 4.) Ebay I also use Big R Fly shop. They have a TON of stuff and will ship to you, call them and ask if they have what you want, I bet they do. Tons of Whiting capes, JC, hooks, dubbing, synthetics, etc. I have one 1.5hrs from me and it is worth the drive.
  14. I dont inventory, but do write down items I'm low on as I'm tying or items I know I dont have for new patterns. Just starting the fly tying/fishing thing so it's not too bad. As for gear, I have into 5 figures worth of rods, reels, line, tackle. Dont know exactly all I have, dont want to. I know my mainstay lures and buy them when they come up on sale or something. I know I'll always need more.
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