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  1. You cant beat a featherwing streamer for ANY big fish, i.e., browns, bows, brookies, togue, salmon, stripers, blues, bass, etc. Featherwings will catch big fish every time. I use 8X hooks in sizes 2 and 4 mostly, sometimes I go down to a 6 and RARELY do I fish a tiny number 8. Duane
  2. Another vote for the Pentax. Ive got the w20 I think, and Ive been loving it for the last 4 years since I got it. Before that I had a cheap 35mm that went into the drink so many times I lost count. It had been in the salt, fresh, froze, etc. Finally it gave up. When Im using my DSLR for gallery shots or magazine/web site shots, I have an Aquapac bag I bought for it. Was like $120 bucks and well worth it. Duane
  3. Its depends on the magazine. Some prefer JPEG, some prefer RAW, some prefer you send slides so they can scan them with their slide scanner. Its a very vague question thats probably best directed to the magazine running your article. Duane
  4. Ah, ok. That first pics looks like a hoodie big time from behind. Nice "shots". Duane
  5. Great pics. Is that a hooded merganser getting shot? Sure looks like one, but Ive never seen one in a field like that, or is it a different picture than the bird flushing? Anyway, again, great pics. Duane
  6. Nice looking flies. Theyd be great early season salmon flies up here. You can also use a finish nail from the hardware store. Thats a pretty cheap and easy way to make a nice, round eye. I always have finish nails sitting around, but if you go into a local hardware store, Id bet anything theyd give you a couple nails. Thats what I use for painted eyes exclusively. Duane
  7. Basically just adding to what others have written. As some have mentioned, its called Scottish embossed, its different than satin embossed, which is continually embossed as opposed to being sections of embossed/flat altered. If you know what youre getting and getting it and using it on purpose, its great I think. It makes a little different effect which I like. Lagartuns satin embossed sounds like what you were expecting, but I personally like UNI's over lagartuns. Dont know why, just prefer it. Duane
  8. I think it would balance it more so if the tail was 1/3 shorter to make the entire wing look bigger without actually going bigger, but honestly.....there isnt much that can make the ugliest hook ever made look even half way decent. Duane
  9. Very nice pattern. This would be a killer up here in another week or so. Duane
  10. Very nicely done. This is one of only about 12 wets that I keep in m box and fish regularly throughout the year. Great pattern. Duane
  11. For classic style streamers, I just started adding step-by-step instructions on my site. There will be a few more to come over the next couple of months, but for now you can see a Gray Ghost here. http://vigsbigflys.com/id254.htm I really dont think there are too many great instructional books out there like others have said. There are a few books that are good reference books, like Hilyards on Carrie Stevens and the Bates book are really all that are worth buying for streamers in my opinion. If youve got the dough, by all means the Forgotten Flies book is an awesome pictorial, but thats it. For wet flies Dons DVDs are a must. Absolutely fantastic. Hope that helps, Duane
  12. There are going to be differing versions of old patterns, there always are, but the only way Ive ever seen a Dark Edson Tiger tied, which was by Edson himself, was: Tag: couple turns of flat gold tinsel Tail: 2 yellow saddle hackle tips, not barbs, full tips Body: Yellow chenille Wing: squirrel tail. I dont know what Bill used, but Ive seen them with what appeared to be gray squirrel natural and dyed yellow. Throat: Red hackle tips (again, full tips) Cheek: brass "Edson eyes" Head: black or yellow I dont have a copy of it, but I know these Edson patterns are in the Bates streamer book. Maybe someone who has it will chime in. Duane
  13. I dont know, for that kind of rare item, especially a historical one, at just over $80 bucks per fly I dont find that too expensive. If they were sold separately at $80 each I wouldnt have a hard time bidding on one, its just the 1K tag thats a little much. Guys will jump on Carrie Stevens flies at $300 a pop and modern salmon tyers flies for $75 up to a few hundred regularly at shows. Thats really not that high considering.
  14. For all the time, effort and money youre putting into those flies (especially with the nice JC nails) you definitely need to use some nice peacock swords off the stem. Those strung swords with the broken and cut ends really do injustice to the rest of the fly. Overall they look pretty good though. Oh yeah, Id try the Gray Ghost first too, especially this time of year. Duane BTW: What is the body on that single fly? Looks like that plastic flex tubing only super small.
  15. Looks really good! Your tying has made a 180 with the "right" hooks. I cant see anything wrong with it and the only thing Id recommend watching (if youre tying for show/display) is the belly hairs. When you cut off the clump of hair just pull those longer ones out with your other hand. You have 2-4 that are longer than the rest and drawing my eye over and over to them. It will look much cleaner if they were out of there. Overall its very nicely done. Like you said regarding the Whiting American hackle, I was using Whiting primarily for a number of years but when the price went way up and the stems started getting thicker and thicker I stopped using them as much. Its too bad, they are nice feathers but sometimes a real pain to work with that isnt worth the frustration. Especially when youre putting 6-10 hackles in a wing. It just doesnt happen. Duane
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