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  1. Long time ago, Back when I lived in North Calif. Used to fish the June Lake Loop, and Hat Creek. Bout 1962 so that makes it 50 years. Right now I live in Central Or and fish the Deschutes, though right now I am tying bugs for the Amazon and some Peacock Bass
  2. FYI--I lived out at Pyramid 1983 to 1984. The ladders were first used by guys from Sparks to get out in the channel where the fish came into the hatchery. The water within casting distance is too shallow, or was, so they used the ladders to get distance--not to keep warm. I guess it's one of those things that just catches on.
  3. apistodave

    Green Drakes

    I live on the Metolius--Drakes are coming off so are Blue Winged Olives--both are best on cloudy days--soon the goldens come off-the bugs in Spept are the sm Drakes Flavs not Grandis--btw the Metolius is running normal the Deschutes is very high still
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