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  1. Silver Creek is by far, hands down, can't say enough good things about him. Shoot him a note,you won't regret it. Duane
  2. I travel, sometimes at sea for a month at a time without an internet connection. I downloaded a plug-in for You-Tube that allows me to download the videos from youtube onto a hard drive. This allows me to have a video on hand with tying instructions even without an internet connection. I subscribe to a number of tyers and download all their new videos each time I hit port. I usually only download at 360p but still my library is at around 25 GB. The video files can then be copied to my android tablet if I don't want to have my laptop up and running. Duane
  3. I purchased a Montana Mongoose online from a store I visit in Maine. They mistakenly had it listed at $99. Love It and feel so lucky to pick it up at that price. Duane
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