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  1. I did pretty well with a beadhead Bouface last week. size 2 black and white. It's in the latest fly tyer.My son was using olive buggers and did ok .
  2. great song. Lucero is awesome .got tickets for july
  3. They just went out of there way to help a buddy out .I will do all my online orders from there
  4. bootow

    Best place to live?

    Tullahoma, TN isn't too bad.I live alittle north .pros and cons ..close to the smokies and some nice tailwaters around.Jack daniels is close to Tullahoma.Get it right from the tap ,if you're into whiskey.
  5. For hang out ,shoot the breeze I go to Bass Pro. I fish with the fly shop manager and he knows his shit.They have some useful stuff but ......... For stuff I need in a pinch I am forced to head down to the overpriced snobby shop .Which I hate cause most of the time they follow me around like a criminal cause I don't wear khakis and a polo. Everything else is online j.stockard mostly
  6. may be a dumb question but what sort of things do you use the journal for?
  7. What would you guys consider 3 must have books to keep on your bench? thanks
  8. use a program called handbrake .has preloaded options for ipod/iphone.then import in to itunes
  9. Partridge L2A,mm1b,Tiemco 100 , Daiichi 1530,1550
  10. Nice flies .I just grabbed some 18's and 20's yesterday to try this out . any tips/tricks you wanna pass on?
  11. thanks alot for the info
  12. Basicly lookin for an alternative to an inflatable pontoon.I have an odc super sport and don't like it . I want to grab and go. mainly on small stretches of river where I can put in ,fish and paddle back to the truck. May also do some longer trips but was told a short kayak (9 footers) was harder for longer distance but am afraid a bigger one would be cumbersome.I was looking at old town pack solo canoe(12' one seat) but read they are "tippy" or a dirigo .I am 5'11" 230ish.
  13. looking for some input on the subject .thanks in advance
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