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  1. My buddy caught a couple very small trout on the Gunpowder today. His first trout and my first look at one. I walked up on 5 trout all larger than 12 inches in a resting spot next to a rock. I've read that you can get right next to them if you are careful but they were less than 10 feet from my eyes. Pretty amazing! I'm still having a tough time pulling the trigger on a good rod and reel setup so I have yet to make a competent effort at the trout that I've scouted. Actually, I've been trying to dead drift a dry fly from directly upstream of my targets with a ultra light spinning rod. Slack doesn't allow me to set the hook on any of the strikes that I've had like that. I wonder if anyone has caught a trout like that? Gotta eat! T
  2. Having never wetted a fly line or pulled in a trout, I'm here to gather as much info as possible so my first trip to the river will be prosperous. While I'll never get tired of catching bass I'm looking for a new challenge and from what I can tell, I found one. I look forward to discussing the various aspects of the sport with everyone in this forum. Reading through a few of the topics it was apparent that people here know what they are talking about and they are serious about the sport. Hopefully through the use of this forum and some other resources I will eventually become a knowledgeable fly fisherman as well. If anyone reads this and would like to suggest a ROD and REEL setup for me, I'm all ears. Ideally, I would love to get an 8'6" 5wt med-fast or fast action rod with an appropriate reel. I'm looking to spend between $300 and $550 towards the full setup (line and all). ANY suggestions and personal preferences would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, I'll see yall in the forums. T
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