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  1. Not 'custom' but I too use a roll top desk. Kept small hands away from the 'stuff' not mention two cats.
  2. Craft store have an amazing amount of 'stuff' we can use. Just take a few hooks with you to assure they will 'fit.' You need a very round bend in your hook to slide them on.
  3. Possibly a little late in the year but 'crafter/street/Sat-Sunday Morning growers 'street fairs.' Don't think so .... go to a few and walk around. All those folks (selling Veggies or ear rings) are there for a very good reason. fae
  4. For a 'first effort,' that is amazing! :bugeyes:
  5. QUOTE (Greg H. @ Aug 4 2005, 10:59 PM) There is some information therein which bears testing (blue in the morning and red in the evening for instance), but for such an opinionated article I am surprised the author allowed so many typos. Spellchecker solved the spelling, but if I were making such rash statements I would make sure every word was perfect. The overall impression then is of a person whose emotion clouds his logic. "The following is a article from Wild Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Premiere Issue written by Alec Jackson." Well it was good enough to get published. If there were errors in spelling, etc., I should think the 'Editor' is responsible for picking up on those before he/she goes to print.
  6. Excellent group in Oregon, Dave has donated a guided trip (and he's VERY good!). Not the only donation of 'value.' For the past several years there has been a Charity Spey Casting Clinic here on the Rogue. This organization came to our attention last year; donation made of $750 which 'all ined' one of the attendies. This year the clinic donated $1,000.
  7. post the following link. Agree, or disagree, it will get you thinking. http://www.speyshop.com/channels/fly_tyer_...4002/index.shtm
  8. Died in the wool 2-hander (Spey) rod user. Intro was a 'greenheart' wood spey rod loo those many years ago (don't ask). "Home Waters" are now the upper Rogue River in Oregon. Prior to that Western Washington (yes, I was there when Mt. St. Helen's blew her stack) and prior to that British Columbia. (Born and raised in Canada) If you need info on the Rogue River shoot me an e mail; won't say I have names for every rock .. but we're getting close. :>)
  9. For the widest 'selection possible' go to a 'bead store' that sells these items to 'beaders.' You have know idea how many hundreds, and hundreds of choices available. Sized from here to there. 'A good thing.' Actually, this type of fly is very effective on the upper Rogue River for both summer runs and fall kings. Interesting to be fishing for something in the 3 pound range .. and hook a 30'ish pounder instead. :>)
  10. Dear God! Sign up for this new board (recommendation from Dave Fix) and WHOSE FACE do I see first????? Jerry!!!!!!! You are everywhere .. but then again .. when it comes to 'the bench' you really do know your stuff.
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