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  1. With standard jaws???? It is fine!!!
  2. Thank you very much. You are very kind...!!!
  3. Hi!!! Hello from Spain. I am a fly Fisher and I tie my flies for trout, bass, barbels..., and please you must be patient with me because my English isn´t good... I have seen this fly tying forum and I like it. I want to ask you about a new fly vise for me; this is a Regal Medallion vise that I like very much but there aren´t dealers of Regal vise in Spain and I can´t try it. I like it because this fly vise looks very well done, and I like classic style. Then I want your opinions of this fly vise. I tell you that I tie flies on 12/14/16/18 and 20 hooks for trout and barbels and a few flies on 6/4/2 hooks for fly bass. Too I like Dyna King Squire: this fly vise is more cheap but I like classic style of Regal... Do you think that is a good fly vise for me??? I read that Regal fly vise is not good for small hooks and I like it with standard jaws. Thank you for your help and your patience...
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