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  1. try using some head cement/sally hansen's hard as nails or super glue on the thread wraps. only a little drop at each segment and regarding tying on the needle, you could try this recipe instead https://youtu.be/J1UlXVqNNdA
  2. i'd call that a steal. i would've jumped all over that if i saw it. i'm guessing you might know already but after reading that other recent topic on carpet beetles, i have to let you know to make sure to clean and treat it all before you do anything, especially before you store it with your other tying materials. great find. that one on the lower left of third pic looks like a spotted cheetah dye job?
  3. ev8d

    new material

    holy crap. thank you so much for inadvertently helping me figure out what this yarn is that i bought from michaels on clearance a few years ago. the two rolls i bought had no packaging and i had no idea how to go about finding it other than looking at a bunch of yarn online which never sounded like fun to me until i checked out the yarns on the website you posted and it was there. at least their version of it. now i know to look for eyelash yarns. the ones i bought are a metallic eyelash yarn that looks like a less flashier version of senyo's aqua veil chenille or polar chenille. and i bookmarked the yarn you suggested to maybe try that out later. thanks again
  4. playing with electricity again yourself? he was replying to pikers post, the tenth reply thanks flytire for the link to the faol article, was a good read.
  5. i like it. i think i commented about using the dungeons materials in the last video i commented on here of yours a few weeks ago. i love that you have several original designs using his materials. its nice to see what others create with his stuff. and i'm pretty sure i subscribed but i'll double check that. i use the same things to brush out the kraken dubbing after spinning it in a loop, a needle and an old toothbrush. and i like the mix for the head. looks soft and flowy, if thats a word, just like wool. i've never used wool or tied a sculpin but to me it looks like it. which i'm pretty sure i've seen it used as a head material for sculpins
  6. i've seen several videos of police officers having to go through the same thing. get a taste of what they may have to some day dish out. thanks for your service sir. sorry to op for hijacking, even though this already was somewhat of a joke thread anyway
  7. stone: im certainly no expert but my first thought was ostrich herl for the stonebomb. also a rusty? orange tag at the butt it looks like. and possibly a copper colored wire rib i can faintly make out. would definitely strengthen the ostrich herl some. thorax is same as body, ostrich herl with one wrap of your hackle behind that second bead and pulled down or trimmed on top. and to me it looks like no wingcase other than epoxy/uv resin. u can certainly do whatever you think looks best. heater: found this which u can really zoom in on and looks a little different. or that pic u found is just dark? i dunno... http://www.sierratradingpost.com/montana-fly-company-smethurst-heater-bomb-nymph-fly-dozen~p~8645g/ again, rusty orange or light brown maybe tag, yarn body with a peacock herl rib then pull over your pheasant tail case and rib it all with copper or copper brown ultra wire. peacock herl thorax and rib with your hackle of choice. i just thought too that maybe your pic has more of the herl on the ribs broken off and not spaced far enough apart is why it appears to be black. just another thought/guess hook for both above is definitely mfc's 7073 i'd say. the tmc 200r u suggested should work fine. or get a 3xl straight shank streamer hook and throw a slight bend in it if you want it to mimic the 7073 more closely. just be careful two bit: if its somewhat like his two bit hooker other than the 2 beads (which doesn't make sense that the description in your link says it has three) then its a thread body and rib. and it looks like the body is epoxied/uv cured so i'd lean more towards a thread body cuz u wouldn't do that to a biot body. the umpqua pic looks more like mottled feather fibers than biots like the hooker has for the tail. heres the recipe for the hooker if u want to try tying it like that. this is obviously off his website for the brown two bit hooker, so change colors to suit Hook: TMC 921 #14-18 Beads: 1.5mm Copper (Brass or Tungsten), two of them Thread: 14/0 or 10/0 Brown Tail: Mottled Brown India Hen Back fibers Abdomen: Brown tying Thread Rib: Black 14/0 Tying thread Wingcase: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel Thorax: Rusty Brown Superfine Dubbing Legs: Mottled Brown India Hen Back fibers Coating: 5 Minute Epoxy. that was fun to play investigator for a little while. good luck
  8. sounds like mikechell may have some experience in this. know an awful lot for something many can say they never have dealt with. or at least have thought about this before. don't worry, i won't judge u....
  9. i knew about thinning shears guys. i was referring to how he tied the material onto a piece of wire then made that into a circle with a piece coming off it that he used to tie it to the hook. different way to build bulk with less material or fill out the rear of the popper as water flows through, i guess. at 2:20 in he picks it up and forms the circle and then you can see it tied on the hook at about 2:44 into the video. then he forces the foam over the wire formed tail. i didn't bother googling hollow popper or anything to see if it had been done before, but thought it was cool either way p.s. thanks SilverCreek for showing me how to embed
  10. nice tie. i always tied two-tone wire flies with brassie size wire using two pieces for the predominant/body color and one other different colored piece of wire as the rib. i think it pops a little more. but seeing the medium size using one piece of each it looks just fine. i'll give it a try whenever i get back to tying
  11. Dron Lee. I know hes a member here and i love his website. it seems like i always forget about this guy every few months but when i find him again he goes and amazes me all over. i don't know if its been done before but i think its cool how he did the tail on this hollow popper. his tutorials on his site are done well, but i wish he did tying videos on his own youtube channel https://youtu.be/1BXXMmoCo6I not 100% sure how to embed and too lazy to look it up so the link is above in case this embed doesn't work <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1BXXMmoCo6I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. not sure what kind of foam this is but you could call the manufacturer or seller to find out (good luck). keep in mind its sticky back too if that matters or ruins it for you https://www.amazon.com/Antiskid-Tennis-Racket-41-inch-Length/dp/B016ZCVOIS and here's a US sports store that sells it online to see if they might be of any help as far as what type of foam it is https://goalperformer.com/products/foam-antiskid-tennis-racket-grip-tape-41-inch-length-purple?gclid=CPrqtOGsrdMCFQ-4wAodiPkIuQ if all else fails, like someone else said, using 1mm foam for both pieces isn't gonna ruin the fly, but i'm sure you wanna just make it easier on yourself
  13. i do the same thing but with a sheet of paper. its great to glue on, test out marker colors before coloring a fly or actually coloring the fly instead of on the vise with your hand holding everything in place and getting colored too, paint poppers on or anything else that's messy and i don't want to get on my desk. just grab another sheet when it gets torn or glue all over it. and its easier to keep track of small materials on a white piece of paper instead of on a darker colored desk i also raised my garbage can up off the floor. its just one of those small i think about 3 gallon ones so it saves my back by having it at desk level
  14. looks great. some might prefer a few less peacock swords for the tail and maybe a turn less of hackle (hard to tell for sure but looks like a lot of barbs of hackle), but if that's how u like it, then that's how u tie it. maybe even do a few variations. that's whats great about this, do whatever the hell u want. anything will catch a fish at some point, just some flies or lures are better at it on a more consistent basis. now tie a bunch more til u have the pattern steps permanently etched into your brain. that's the best way to learn how to tie any pattern. tie it until you are sick of it
  15. nice tie and tip about the thread at the hook eye. i haven't been on the dungeon site in a few months so thanks for letting me know about the new material. looks like i'll be placing an order there soon. i did buy a pack of the arctic snow dubbing in tan to test it out last summer and it was alright, but that stuff mixed with a little flash and longer fibers looks beautiful as a streamer. have you tried his starburst dubbing? i like the look of it on some streamer heads i've done. man i love playing with his materials because it's easy on the wallet. buying every color of anything he offers is cheaper than buying just a few colors of any competitors product
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