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  1. I agree generally, but if that is true, why use anything with flash on it? I could be wrong on this one but I still say I have never seen a shiny cranefly larva.
  2. All I can say is " forward and fiaca, menacle and den go saca".
  3. For those who may like to try these flies, there are a number of videos out there ( some by Chocklett himself) demonstrating the tying method. The articulated shanks used are by Flymen and called articulated fish spines. They are sold in packages that include four different sizes( from 10mm to 25mm) with enough for six flies. These also require a stinger hook up front so you are really tying five flies each time. The company also markets the shanks in separate packages of 24 for each size. Four of those adds up to four of the kit packages but costs about 15 bucks less. Go figure. The tail is made with ClearGoo on the original but I use Softflex and it seems to work just fine. Also, no matter what color wrap is used, some really good marking pens will be needed. I also found that the 8mm Cleargoo eyes in Wind color work the best. Superglue works well for attaching the eyes. One last twist--I use a little red sharpie deeper in the wrap right behind the head to simulate gills. My son has been my tester and reports good results from southern Wyoming. He and his buddy have my boat so I am letting them work out the kinks in this one.
  4. I tried the Google business and came up with some video. It all used the minnow wrap. These flies however are the real deal. My son and I caught a lot of big browns on the Grey Reef stretch of the North Platte with them. Our guide had a large variety but the best ones were brown trout minnows. That experience got me interested. In any event, as I get better at tying these game changers I will offer up any thoughts or experiences that might prove helpful to others wanting to try it. I will repeat however that this new material is a significant improvement over the original minnow wrap. Thanks to all of you who replied. I am not usually out front of much so I was a little surprised that no one had worked with this stuff yet. I'm sure they will soon. This game changer really is a winner.
  5. Once again your technique is flawless. A couple of observations--1. I have never seen a shiny cranefly larva. 2. Although I like the use of the Sharpie to color the body, I wonder if it might be as effective or more so if the whole thing were colored, essentially tying it "in the round" ala Charles Brooks. 3. I wonder if a little marabou for the tail might impart more enticing movement. Please understand that these are not criticisms of your excellent work but some thoughts that might allow you to improve your innovative tying even more. Keep up the great work.
  6. I am going to reply to myself since my post had a lot of views but no comments. The material is actually quite dense and sewn on both sides. I tried trimming it to a taper but found it was too hard to predict the number of wraps in the taper. So, instead I just cut it half and found it worked really well. Not nearly the wasted material as the minnow wrap and half again as long a strip. Cut in half that doubled it again. This stuff is not cheap but once you get it figured out it really works well for the game changer pattern. Much tighter weave and more dense for trimming purposes than the minnow wrap. Did I mention it is also more economical? Anyway, if anyone else has any experience with this stuff, I would be interested to know.
  7. I just got some of the new Hareline Chocklett's Body Wrap. It is seamed on both side for trimming. Has anyone used this stuff before? I have a pretty good idea what I want to do with it but if I don't have to invent the wheel again, I will be appreciative. I've tied a doen or so game changers with the minnow body wrap but this stuff is a little different. Any thoughts are welcome. Everyone is hunting in Wyoming and the fishing is just heating up.
  8. I want to put in a plug for Bear Lodge Angler since he is right here in my home town and does a great job of maintaining his inventory. If you get a chance, give Bill a call. He will be glad to help you out.
  9. For me it is a pattern called the Dreamsicle. It is a nymph, woven body with white and orange floss. Tried it on the Big Horn at Ft. Smith in the 80s because some guide was raving about it. Caught a very large sucker on the first cast and threw all six of the flies in the river. I did release the sucker and then had to wash my hands. Bad JuJu with that fly.
  10. I agree on the raft hatch on the Box Canyon of the Henry's Fork. Got run over by a bunch of Boy Scouts there once. They got an education in cursing! The other would be the Salmonfly Hatch on the Madison. Mainly because it can be so hard to find the "head of the hatch".
  11. I had the same thoughts as ShoeBop. I is interesting to know that you guys spend time on Moldy Chum as well. Check out Buster Wants to Fish.
  12. As a matter of interest, these appear to be a close match to Blane Chocklett's Game Changer. A quick Google should reveal the tying instructions and as well, there is a great selection of the fish spines( flymen makes them) and a lot of the specialized material for tying these in different colors at the Bear's Den Fly Shop. Chocklett uses some Clear Goo on the tail to get more of a forked look but these look really well done. The materials that he markets are pricey but certainly simplify the task. Well Done!!!
  13. Try looking at some of Hammer Creek Flyfishing's videos. You can learn a lot from those.
  14. Hey Noah. I was going to suggest Montana or Wyoming.
  15. Flytire: Is that thread damn a verb or a noun?
  16. Thanks fellows. Having seen the photo of the treadle machine in the museum in West Yellowstone, I remembered seeing it before. That probably is the most sensible of the powered vises. It is an interesting concept and clearly demonstrates the unending creativity of those who engage in this hobby , craft or trade as the case may be. I still want to google the powered vise.
  17. I was talking to a buddy the other day who told me of a guy in Nova Scotia who had rigged up a DanVise to be powered by an electric drill. He said the guy demonstrated it using a NorVise bobbin and it actually worked fairly well. Just out of interest, have any of you ever seen or heard of such a thing? If so, pictures would be of interest. It is always amazing what types of innovations or contraptions fly tiers can come up with!
  18. I have to say that, in my estimation, all of this technobabble about barb stiffness and density makes about as much sense and also about the poorest reading imaginable. Call me a romantic fool, but isn't fly tying more about art than science? Leave that to the people at Whiting, Metz or wherever and try to gain some simple enjoyment from this craft. One of the most satisfying flies I ever tied used an Indian saddle hackle about three sizes too large and looked nothing like I intended it to. It did catch me the first fish I ever caught on a fly. Some folks take their own rhetoric entirely too seriously.
  19. It is a very nice setup. It is a lot easier to tie a lot of flies if your space isn't dark and dingy. I really liked the track lighting. Great idea!
  20. I am with flytire--Joe's or a Dave's Hopper. They ride lower in the surface folm which seems to make them work well.
  21. I have a peak and looked at the mongoose. I have no doubt it works fine but the peak has more features and add-ons which are useful( see accessory post). This ability to slightly customize sold me on it. They also have a saltwater jaw that you might want to look at. Have fun!!!
  22. Trico spinners off your favorite hopper pattern is a terrific combination on most tailwaters.
  23. I made the thread holder but my wife got me the platform from a Colorado outfit.
  24. Terrific desk and very talented friend. In a couple of months the thread rack will be full, the desk buried under fur and feathers and various fly patterns will be hanging off of anything they can. Welcome to the fun!
  25. Great simple caddis pattern using your usual fine technique. And--just in time for caddis season to get rolling. Do you do this in any other colors? Thanks again.
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