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  1. I also really appreciate the innovative techniques that you apply to even traditional patterns. It seems simple when one observes it but a lot of this stuff has never appeared before. On a par with the great Scott Sanchez.
  2. I have used the same pair of Wiss Quikclips for 15 years. They cut as close as anything, stay on your hand and cover a wide range of materials without losing too much sharpness. Also, Feathercraft sells replacement blades which, to me is easier than sharpening and more reliable.
  3. Thanks fellas. I will. I was going to tie a commemorative Bronco fly but the pesky Seahawks throttled us so, alas, not this time.
  4. I just got my first order from this supplier and was very pleased. Only place I found that sells Kaufmann dubbing blends which can be difficult to concoct at home. Also got a couple free gifts with first order, FTS caribinier keychain( very nice) and some Czech nymph hooks. Ok Steve you hooked me! I will be back.
  5. Suggest deeper drawer with slots for standard size dubbing boxes. Also about six to eight wide flat drawers with cedar for fur and feathers. Lastly some kind of panel to hold flash type materials. Have fun with this.
  6. Really liked your sowbug. I tie it the same way buy in more of a camel color. I really think the orange head makes a difference and I have had some success with a hot orange brass beadhead version as well. Looks like we fish the same water. Guess we are just lucky that everyone thinks Montana is so much better. See you at the Wedding sometime. I have attached a pic of my buddy with a real nice rainbow in a place you will recognize. Enjoy.
  7. I am new to this forum but have followed it for some time. I live in Worland Wyoming which is 33 miles north of the Wedding of the Waters( Big Horn and Wind Rivers). Benn tying seriously for 40 years and am very lucky to have a son who is just as fanatical about flyfishing as dad. He can row the boat well too! Learned to fish in the Channels section of the Madison starting 1963. I have been fortunate to fish most of the fabled waters of the west and still do. I favor tying small dries, nymphs and articulated streamers in bizarre colors. I am presently building a new flytying area in my home which all of the posts about others tying areas have been helpful in developing. I hope to post pictures showing all of your great ideas incorporated into this space. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested in this remote corner of the great American west.
  8. I particularly liked the picture of Del Canty in his lunker hunter float tube. Quite a pioneer in float tube fishing.
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