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  1. I find that 2 to 3 loose wraps and pulling straight down tends to work the best for me.
  2. looks pretty good. have you tried a more traditional dry with the hackle around the body as opposed to a parachute style? parachute tends to be a little more tricky i think. Very good job though.
  3. i am not sure if what is meant is that getting the thread to the shank of the hhok that is behind the point of the hook. i had a problem with not cutting the thread with the point of the hook. this was before i learned thread control. having clearence as far as having to much material between the shank and the point maybe? have never had this problem either. only reason i can figure any of these problems would occur is inexperience.
  4. From what i have seen and researched this is a brown. A brook will be a little more green with yellow line on top by the dorsal fin, and the pectoral and anal fin will have a whitish coloring on the front line of the fin.
  5. Hey bud that is a great looking fly. i would also suggest not to get caught up on the ribbing and hackle length on this fly. be careful not to let the body extend back to far and start to go down the hook bend. this is especially true for the hackle. going to far back with the hackle can cause the fly to ride wrong on the water. work extensivelly on making sure all materials a very secure. learn that fewer wraps is sometimes better than more. keep working hard. Looking great.
  6. http://www.fishusa.com/product/Metz-Best-Vise-I?source=googleps&gclid=CNLS3NyO-rsCFW9nOgodiG4AQg I purchased a setup similar to this when i first started. allowed for me to learn without spending a fortune and still provided me with a few quality pieces to continue with.
  7. looks good. im have never tied any poppers out of foam. poppers out of spun deer hair is lot of fun and can be formed into many differnt things with only a few minor changes. mice, frog, snake, lots of things. taking a look at saome things i could send you. give me a few dasys and send me your addy in a pm and i will get some things out to you.
  8. Hey bud how is the tying going? What tools do you have? i would be more than happy to help out in any way. Passing on this great hobbie and sport to the younger generation is a great thing. Do you have a bobbin, scissors? just send me a tools list that you have and i will do my best to send you a few things i have that i no longer use. the stuff may not be the best but it will for sure help.
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