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  1. Thanks for the replies guys I'd like nothing more than ordering a custom built rod from Steve. Thing is that we are already mid-season here in Iceland and i don't think I could handle the wait I'll be trying out the BVK and the Evotec tomorrow. Thinking about giving the Sage rods a pass. Feel I would be paying over the odds for a mediocre rod.
  2. Hi guys and gals I've been wanting to add a 6wt to my collection for some time and today my wife gave me the go-ahead. Needless to say I am excited beyond measure. I don't want to spend to big and have narrowed the possibilities down to a few rods. Fly rods are insanely expensive here in Iceland so what would maybe be regarded as a 'cheapish' rod somewhere else is actually not here. So the rods are... TFO BVK 9ft 6wt Loop Evotec 9'6ft 6wt Sage Response 9ft 6wt Sage Approach 9ft 6wt I fish stillwater and streams pretty much evenly. From dries to size 6 streamers. I have yet to try these rods and of course that'll be the decider but I just thought I'd get your opinion first, and see if you guys and any other reccomendations. Kind regards Eisik
  3. I used Sally Hansens Hard as nails but found that my fly box started to smell really bad. I just couldn´t handle the strong chemical smell. Started using Loon Hard Head and kinda like it.
  4. A painfully slow retrieve. The fly needs to be fished near the bottom. Sometimes, if you cast a decent length, the retrieve can take up to 10 minutes. I guess patience is truly a virtue when it comes to Þingvellir The one i lost before the crying scene is probably the biggest Arctic Char i have ever caught. I had no control over it with my 4wt and in the end it snapped my 4x leader quite easily. But the blame lies with me of course. I was to excited and didn't give the fish enough slack. But that's ok, we'll meet again!
  5. Hi! Made this video after yesterdays fishing. This is the biggest lake in Iceland. It holds a few species of fish. Brown trout that can easily go up to and over 20 pounds and arctic char. The browns are mostly caught during the spring when they come up from the depth to feed on smaller species. Now the Char season is in full swing. The video is in icelandic but you don't really have to understand the words to enjoy the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyVJB8aBcn4
  6. I went with the Echo Solo rod. 9ft 6wt. Even got an Echo ION reel at a very good price along with it. Now i only need a 6wt line and i'm good to go Can't wait to give it a proper go and see how it handles the fishies!
  7. Thanks for the replies! I've checked out the Beulah rods witch Heavynets reccomends but unfortunatly they are not available in Iceland so i'd have to order one blind. That worries me a bit. The thing with buying a rod in my country is that they may be budget rods in the States but here they tend to cost quite a lot of Icelandic Krónur. The only Echo rod that is with in my price range is the Echo Solo. Has aybody tried it out? I have been very interested in the TFO BVK for some time but it just costs to much in Iceland. It's a 260 dollar rod in the States but costs just north of 600 dollars here. Here are a few rods in my price range that are available here in Reykjavík. Would be nice to here your opinion about them... Echo Solo Vision Vipu A.Jensen Titan Guideline Exp4 Redington Crosswater WInston Passport (this one is a bit out of my price range but i find it interesting) Redington Pursuit Zpey Switch Z1 (Same as the Winston Passport) Airflo Nano Orvis Clearwater As i said, these rods are all in my price range here in Iceland. All of the rods are available as either 9ft 6wt or 9,6ft 6wt witch is what i am looking for. I would love to here your oppinions about any of these rods. Eidur
  8. Hi! I am thinking about adding a new rod to my, pretty small, arsenal in the coming weeks. I have two pretty decent rods already. A Sage Z-Axis 1004 4wt and a Guideline LPXE 1004 7wt. I guess i'm looking for a rod that fits in between those two. It needs to have a pretty fast action and able to handle short as well as longer casts. I fish strictly freshwater, lakes and streams. All kinds of flies, dries, pupae, streamers. Regarding species this rod would be used for char and brown trout. I will of course be heading to my local tackle shops to try out some rods but i thought i might get your two cents before heading out. I'm on a pretty tight budget so that should limit the choosing a bit. Regards Eidur
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I've decided to give furled leaders a try. Will post my experience once i have tested them fully. Eidur
  10. Haha, of course I fish mainly for brown trout and char. Although i do fish for salmon from time to time but seeing as that is fast becoming a sport for the filthy rich here in Iceland i can't afford to go anymore. I fish lakes as well as streams. All types of flies as well. Guess i'm looking for an all around setup.
  11. I connect them to my fly line using a knotless connection. Then a feet or two of tippet on the end
  12. Heres an article about "Friggi". It contains a good picture of it for refference. http://www.mbl.is/veidi/frettir/2013/02/07/hver_er_thessi_friggi/ It's true what Pike said, it did do very well last summer here in Iceland. The man who tied it got the name copyrighted and caused quite a bit of controversy. But it's a good fly and effective. It was originally tied to fish Arctic Char but the salmon do like it
  13. Hi all! I was wondering what kind of tapered leaders you like to use. From what manufacturer that is. I've tried a few kinds but always find them to have to much memory and never seem to get the as straight and memory free as i want them. I've mostly tried mono but some fluro as well. We have pretty cold waters here in Iceland so maybe that plays a part. Can you recomend any specific make for me?
  14. Google these mate: Þýsk Snælda (any kind of snælda fly really but Þýsk e.German is very effective) Red Frances, maybe size 14 on a golden hook Sunray shadow These 3 flies are mainstays here in Iceland and should grace the fly box for every salmon fisherman coming here.
  15. I had the same problem with my Danvice. Bought replacement jaws last year but they started to curl also. I like the Danvice, but this problem is tiresome and expensive. Bought a new vice about two weeks ago so the Danvice is shelved.
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