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  1. I'm all for new and expensive fly fishing gear. People buy it and then sell it to me for a 1/10 of the cost in their yard sale once they need some quick cash/decide fly fishing isn't for them/baby is on the way and won't have time for fishing/or something to that aspect.
  2. If your main goal is to catch fish then I wouldn't worry too much about matching patterns with the exact materials. It's extremely rare where I use all the "correct" materials to tie a pattern. I'm too cheap to buy a lot of materials and like to use what I have on hand. Hell, I've even chased the dog down with a pair of scissors....his longer hair works great for streamers. Fish don't care if the pattern is exact or not. You could catch fish on all those flies. It's all in location and presentation..........
  3. www.thenewflyfisher.com, click on destinations. They have a bunch of their shows online...most of them are shot in Ontario. Pretty decent show I think. And yes, In-Fisherman has always been pretty decent. Theirs is the only magazine I've spent money on.
  4. Does anyone have tying instructions for a conehead zuddler? Need to tie some smallie flies. Thanks!
  5. Do you have the recipe for this? Looks like something I would use.
  6. I've been tying for 15 years and still use the vise I bought when I first started for $14.99. I'm too cheap to buy another one when this one works for me...haha
  7. When I first started tying I just bought a beginner's fly-tying kit at my local sporting goods store. I think it cost under $50. It had everything I needed to get started (vise, misc tools, thread, hooks, materials, etc). There wasn't a ton of materials, but definitely enough to get started. Once you get a few flies under your belt you will know what else you need/want for materials. Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops both have a bunch of kits for a reasonable price.
  8. I think 7 weight lines are fairly popular. I use them all the time. I hardly ever see deals or bargains on certain weight fly lines (usually 5 and 7 weight). I thought this is because they are two of the more popular weights and businesses don't have much of an overstock on them.
  9. Hi all, glad to be a member of this site! I have been tying and fly fishing on and off for the past 16 years. I've been leaving the spinning tackle behind and picking up the fly rod more often as of recent though. There's just something about catching fish on flies that you designed and made yourself. I still consider myself a relative novice at fly tying though...after looking at some of the work done by members on this site I may have a ways to go...haha. Luckily for me, smallmouth bass don't care about looks as much as some other fish do. River smallies are my favorite fish, but I will go after any fish that is willing to bite and pull hard on my line. Thanks and tight lines!
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