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  1. @Artin that’s for the tip, I’ve actually bought stuff from 54 Dean St in the past, problem is they’re in Italy and not cheap. I just purchased something from Italy and it took ages to get her and the package was damaged. I was hoping to find some Petitjean clamp used at a reasonable price, but no luck so I’m going to buy some of the very inexpensive clamps off eBay. Yep, they have to come from China but experience shows me their shipping is usually very quick, often just a few days Cheers Barry
  2. Trouble with three? The Regals are excellent vises until you don’t put the hook full in the jaws then the hook gets fired across the room like a lemon pit. The TRV I’ve already listed my dislikes about it. Mine was one of the first batch, maybe they’ve cured my issues. I loved the Renzetti but I’ve always fancied a LAW which I could not afford so I ended up buying a CAE which I’m essentially happy with apart from a sticky rotary action. So you see Was happy with all except the TRV that’s one in my book I started the thread with my views in the TRV. Yours, and others might have completely differs view and that’s good in my book I was just trying to be helpful Barry
  3. Some years ago I travelled to some of the poor countries in the African continent, I must say it’s very sad to see such poverty but remember most of the countries are rich in wealth, gold diamonds etc. they had a great Infrastructure when rules by western countries now totally destroyed by greed by a few. Interesting enough is there is some wonderful fishing. In the 1800’s the BritishArmy elite took and used fly rods on god knows were. But not a place to buy a TRV vise I think. Yes we are lucky to have all this at our fingertips Maybe the TRV has been improved, if it has, particularly the soft jaws, then it would be a excellent vise. Needs a longer stem and heavier base, and for particular people like me a table clamp. I addressed this things with the manufacturer who said nothing other than if I returned the vise they would give me a refund and that’s what happened. Renzetti Master rules, I don’t have one any more, but my CAE does a great job. Barry
  4. George, there was no offense meant so please accept my apology. If you ever are in the Redding area I’ll take you out to fish the Lower Sac at no charge except for a bottle of lunch wine! Barry the Guide
  5. Yes, I appreciate your point of view. But many of us are not professional show tiers so indeed take whatever vise is best for your needs but the Renzetti Master can tie a whole range of flies from salmon irons to very small trout flies. My CAE direct copy of. LAW does the same but somehow I miss my Master. but for the average tier I just can’t see the need for multiple vises unless you are a real collector. It’s best to stick with one and learn how to use it and all its idiosyncrasies. Same with rods and reels, I personally am guilty of have to many duplicates, but that comes from 2500 guide trips I guess. Spending money does not make you a better fly tyer or fisherman. I remember one trip with a pro baseball player, Yankees out fielder. He showed up just from Orvis looking like a advertisement, he thought spending thousands on gear would Guarantee him catching loads of fish. He lost his rod and reel etc on the first fish I put him over and he hooked. Loaned home a old Sage GL and he did just great with that. The rider to this story is he wore his wading jacket under his waders, it peed down with rain! Bazzer
  6. Personally I don’t see the need for multiple vises to do the same job, more money than sense for me. Yes I do have more than one vise, one is a cheap Regal copy to take out as a portable vise when needed and the second is a Renzetti tube fly vise. This one I’m not going to get rid of. B
  7. I’m sure you will be very happy with your RM. it’s a true rotary vise and very nicely made. I bought the midge jaws for mine but hardly ever used them. The standard jaws can handle very small hooks. Enjoy Barry
  8. I’ve used a Regal in past years and it’s a good vise, I actually own one of the cheap Chinese copies which I use as a portable vise when needed. the one big problem with the Regal is when using small hooks and placing them near the tip of the jaws. The hooks can fly out resulting in a missile hook being lost and worst still it can and will chip the jaws. When I contacted Regal, which was several years ago I was told the damage was because of careless use and was not covered under warranty. just to let you all know I’m a professional guide, I have been for many years and I’ve used a fly tying vise to tie thousands of flies over the years. So my choice of vise is one that saves me time and doesn’t break. Once again, I regret selling my Renzetti! Barry
  9. As with my previous fast review of the HMH yes, the rotary action was smooth, but the jaws, which were not made of tool steel and were soft. The range of hook sizes maybe limited but plenty enough for me. the stem was too short and I don’t see why I would have to pay extra for a longer one. The base is way to light and was prone to tipping. Again, I could have bought a heavier one, but why should I need to for such a expensive vise. I have opted for the CAE vise since the price is not to bad when you consider it comes with a stem extension, both a pedestal base and a C clamp. It’s the nearest thing to a LAW at a quarter of the price of a used one. Yes, I have a small issue with the rotary action on mine but nothing I can’t live with. Charles Evans has failed to correct it which is poor customer service. A long while ago when I first purchased it he suggested a replacement part but he wanted me to pay for it, o haven’t heard from him since despite several emails. if HMH corrected the issues then their vise would be more than adequate, even though it’s not a cheap price. For much the same money you could set yourself up with nice Renzetti Master which is just about the nicest vise out there other than the LAW. Ask yourself this, why do many pros tie on a LAW? Barry
  10. I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for a set, but I object to paying more than the published recommended price. Fixed income, mine is around $900 per month which comes from my BRITISH government pension, what’s yours ? Some fixed incomes from retired government workers can be 80% of their highest salary. I see equipment being sold for large sums of money, how many expensive can rods or collectible reels can one person need? to sum up, the purpose of my OP was attempt to find a a set of Magic Tools used for a “reasonable “ price, not for cents on the dollar. Barry
  11. Wow, love the pictures especially the last on, I wonder if that’s the bird my Whiting Cree came from? I doubt it, mine came unmarked from the famous FE! Barry
  12. Id like you to marry me and fly me to Oz!
  13. Swords? I have guns, but seriously the prices that the Magic Tools are sold for is way over the top for a couple of plastic clips. When they were available in my local store the price was about $40 which I would pay. But I’m retired and on a fixed income, but if Mr Trump wants to give me another healthy payment I would spend in on a full priced Magic Tool set
  14. The prices now have gone way high I imagine that is why nobody is selling them. I see onEsty you can buy a set of look alike clips for under ten dollars but no table clamps, you have to make your own out a block of foam. I would prefer the real thing but that’s out of my budget Barry
  15. Kimo , thanks I already seen these. The last thing I ordered from Poland took months to arrive so I was hoping to find a set with a more reliable postal service.
  16. I’ve been searching for a medium Petitjean Magic tool ( clip ) set. Seems that no one really wanted them and they are not a available any longer in the USA, well that’s what my local store told me. So if you have one you can part with could you contact me. I’m of course willing to pay a fair price. Barry
  17. Does anyone else make a thread cutter similar to this one? I have Materelli Whip Finisher but alas it doesn’t have the thread cutter which I’m sure is very handy
  18. Zap a Gap also make a product similar to Shoe Goo in a smaller tube. It dries fairly quickly. Most of the Guides around here use it when making a Yarn Indicator. Jim Pettus being the originator and king of yarn indicators. Barry
  19. A lot of the very good tyers use a LAW vise such as Davie McPhail . The main reason is the clearance behind the jaws with the LAWs unique dog tooth shape. The LAW vise is no longer made and is very expensive used, typically $3000 for a decent one. The CAE vise is as a close copy as you can get and, like the LAW was, is hand made in small batches. Yes I’ve got a small issue with mine, but nothing I can’t live with and it only cost me $700 for the MK 2 version with both a pedestal base and a table clamp. So if you would like a LAW but don’t have very deep pockets then try a CAE, you won’t be disappointed. Of course I can tie perfectly good flies on a very old vise I picked up for $20, but somehow it’s not so pleasing as using the CAE. Barry
  20. I think the thread title is CAE Tying Vice
  21. Wasn’t this tread about the CAE vise?
  22. Don’t get me wrong about the CAE vise, I really like tying on it, it’s just the quality control is a bit irritating Barry
  23. I really like the look of the J vise but I was put off by the fact the pedestal Is the large boards. I like a vise that has a normal size base and had the option of a clamp mount.
  24. Yes, a Renzetti Master which I sold to a member here, that was a mistake, I should have kept it! I would like a LAW but the prices are out of my budget The CAE is a great vise but it seems to lack in quality control. I shall keep it, the jaws are great, and put up with the sticky rotary, it’s a shame because the design ir first rate, but of course it’s a close copy of the LAW
  25. I’ve actually written to him few times about a problem with the rotary action of my vise. But I haven’t had a reply. It looks like a manufacturing defect.
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