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  1. yeah they're tiny. trout notice them though. I use 6x tippet usually for midging, mostly cuz I'm targeting big forkin' fish and they like this one. I hold the bend of the hook in hemostats and use a midge size threader. it's also helpful to be wearing reading glasses while doing it. especially if it happens to be brrr-freezing cold. it is an excellent rather unknown pattern I wish I could take credit for, easily tied in any color. glad to hear they made it. mgj
  2. after ferrying these around in my truck the past two weeks, they'll be put in this mornings mail. thanks for letting me play along. mgj
  3. hmmm... start with 1/4 the amount of dubbing you think you need. no wax necessary. tease a tiny bit from between yer fingers and twist it tightly and sparsely about the thread. yer really just painting the thread a different color. wrap andcontinue adding material until you've got a body of the desired taper and length. it's allright to go back over a previously dubbed area, but take care to make the taper neat. this is mostly for dry flies, but nymphs are similar (unless you use a loop) though you could use a little more material. nothing'll fuck up a fly like too much dubbing, maybe sloppy ribbing'll do it... prewaxed thread is not waxed for dubbing, it's waxed to keep the thread strands tightly bound together. dubbing is easy and fun if you learn how. key point to remember...less is more.
  4. oh it's not so bad. I tied 14 #28 40 zs in less than an hour last night.
  5. hmmm... I know I have about 15 #32s tmc something or another. have ya checked feather-craft? mgj
  6. these are done. I'll need yer mailing address. por favor. y gracias. mgj
  7. me three. plus I'd like to see some pics. mgj
  8. man, I tie them in #18 max. all the way down to #28, which is the size I'm tying for this swap. lees ferrry #20-#24 zebras are best. on the juan smaller flies even still. #20 is a good standard size for running waters. midge magic is a good book on it as is ed engle's fishing small flies (what a book!), mgj
  9. I fish 'em rather frequently on the tailwaters of the colorado at lees ferry and the san juan. so I tie and fish a lotta these. they're easy and fast to tie and sure as hell work. mgj
  10. ok. why not. I'm in. #28 flashy 40s. mgj
  11. including small scissors!!! leave yer bodkins at home though ;-]
  12. thanks. I'm glad you like them. yer right it's a great fly, especially around dawn and dusk. all I can tell ya is hold on. they are a blast to both tie and fish. I enjoyed tying these and look forward to seeing the other flies. thanks again. mgj
  13. bass'll hit nearly anything, I've found. one time.
  14. oh. here's 1,2,3... bobbin, hair stacker and hackle pliers from c&f design. and I guess for the generous gift giver in the family (wtf is that?)... the marco polo traveling vise/kit. only way I'd ever get it. mgj
  15. these are finished. I'll need a mailing address to send them off on their merry way. thanks. mgj
  16. so after all this time, I've decided to tie kiwi muddlers. no tellin' when I'll get around to them as I've got a few other swap obligations and this is a muy generoso deadline. they will be in your hands prior to the end of the year. mgj
  17. umm...I've had these ready to go for sometime now. I packaged them up earlier this week and realized I'd forgotten to include a return envelope. so I cut open the package to include it. no stamps in the house. anyways they'll be mailed monday. two each (one for the host, the other for whomever) safety pin and fishing fly, ray bermgman's pale evening dun wet fly. mgj
  18. mgj

    Drop Fly

    improved clinch knot off bend of hook. I usually fish a small pt or hare's ear or midge off an dry fly. there are a number of successful combinations you can try. mgj
  19. mine are ready to ship. I've pm'd you and am awaiting mailing address. mgj
  20. a peccary is a wild pig. it doesn't have feathers. they're commonly called quills though. mgj
  21. hey graham, is that stimi you got from me still intact? the one I stuck to my marmot fleece fell apart after a (cold) season under a vest. I'll replace it if it has. anyways count me in again as well. mgj
  22. I'll play. I've got lotsa streamer hooks. pattern tbd. mgj
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