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  1. couldn't resist trying out my 10/0 hook... Didn't have extreme enough materials to fill it up, but it was great fun tying This is a BIG fly... :bugeyes: Still need a large topping, before I can finish off with a herl-head, so if anyone's got a mutated 200lbs golden pheasant, let me know!! :help: - Andreas
  2. well, I think it's about time to post a classic fly again, in between all of these more or less artistic pieces, delta-wings or what they're called Here's a 7/0 XL mixed-wing butcher! Quite big -Andreas
  3. I had to take a break from tying a couple of days this christmas, and it resulted in a nice deer biting the dust 7 hours before the hunting-season closes here in Norway!! 2 miles from my home.. Some great nice-colored deer-hair from it's back!! - Andreas
  4. This I'm quite satisfied with, compared to my other last two posts comments are very welcome - Andreas
  5. messed up the proportions with a long tail here, the hour was late etc - but it turned out as quite a fishy-looking fly in my eyes ...and the eye is not as crowded as it looks, I just picked a little too small gut, as seen in this pic below ; - Andreas
  6. Well, be gentle, it's my first classic without the use of a vise and bobbin It was great fun doing, but hell there are some obstacles when tying without a vise & bobbin!! :bugeyes: - Andreas
  7. You're the man on flosswork Dave!! - Even if I would've loved to see a bit more tapering in the body The underwing and tailveiling is perfect. But why the skinny butt? I would also love to see you keep the head almost as short as it looks now! -Andreas
  8. thanks guys! And ronn; If it looks like it could've dropped out from a houndred year old flybox, that means mission accomplished for me - Andreas
  9. Beautifully executed fly! Not the most classic of looks, but with an artistic touch to it with that magnumsized wing The only small details that I can see here that I would change, is a little wider roof and a little more of the gut visible along with a little bit of the hook-shank in front. :headbang: -Andreas
  10. Did some tying with Goku today, and we both tied blacker's "a beautiful specimen of a gaudy fly" with all the original materials A pattern made for fishing, unlike many of the Traherne patterns and others. His fly will appear here in a couple of days too, but for now, here's what I came up with! The wing turned out a tad long, but apart from that I'm fairly pleased with the old-school fishy appearance of it - Andreas
  11. I really love this fly! You've kept it traditional, and that is something that's important to me when tying the traditionals; to keep it true to tradition! Love the overall look of it, you've really captured a look there, and not just tied an anonymous fly with a couple of well done features so often seen. The difficult part of this art of tying is not the technical bit, but nailing the overall "look", and you've done it! Great! :headbang: The one and only thing I could have loved even more about this fly, is a slightly better done head/gut. -Andreas
  12. That's eyecandy Dave!! There really are some nice lines in that design - but, since we young Norwegians like to be a bit picky, I can't help but noticing the little gap between the GP-tippet underwing and the mainwing The slightly uneven tinsel also caught my eye. But as I said earlier; Some real freestyle eyecandy it is!! Like the creativity with the JC's, although I maybe would've tried making the two JC-pairs closest to the head a bit longer All the best, Andreas
  13. Here in Norway, as all of you know, polar-bears roam the streets every day! Groceryshopping is done wearing a suit of plate-armor, and with the smith&wesson ready!! Or, eh, maybe not BUT, I do have 3-4 deer and an occasional curious fox looking into my livingroom window every now and then! Going hunting for some deer-hair later this december, wish me luck!! :headbang: Earlier this autumn me and some buddies went hunting for 4-5 days, sleeping outside, miles and miles from the nearest house. We found some fresh bear-tracks approximately 300meters away from our camp the first day... -We shared bed with our shotguns those nights! A week later, 30miles from where we camped, a guy was slit open by a bear, and was found dead and in a very bad condition. The bear had opened him up from the throat to his belly, as if done with a razor-blade, and partially buried him under some moss and branches just outside of his cabin...... -Andreas
  14. Heisann! Flott flott teknisk gjennomført flue det der! - Allikevel vil jeg ta meg friheten til å gi litt konstruktiv kritikk, det er det ikke mye av på den siden her - Ser ut som du har dratt ut hodet litt lenger enn nødvendig, prøv gjøre det litt kortere neste gang? (Jeg gjør selv ofte denne feilen ) - Prøv få til en noe tettere butt - Vær nøye, og surr stramt med slikt ribbingmateriale, så det ikke flytter på seg Ellers, flotte proporsjoner! Veldig bra teknisk, det er mye materialer oppå kroken der Artig fargespill også, selv om jeg liker holde meg noenlunde til et "tema" når jeg binder freestyle. Mistenker du ikke planla særlig mye før du begynte på denne flua? - Artig innimellom det, fin trening! And guys, sorry! This turned out easier when writing Norwegian -Andreas
  15. Made a heptagenia-ish nymph a couple of days ago, possibly for an entry in the "nymph" category in the Mustad Scandinavian Open fly tying competition in january ...And a bumblebee, but I've posted one of those earlier in this forum. - Andreas :yahoo:
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