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  1. this degrades this website, not being able to see the pictures
  2. the norvise vise is the mot innovative thing that has happened to fly tying in the last fifty years I have every attachment that is offered thank you Norm
  3. I am totally hooked on the norvise, I can do so much on that vise, I tie professionally for Jim Teeny, and just finished 70 dozen, nymphs. I would not be able to make money if it weren't for that vise
  4. Does anybody know of a video on how to knot turkey, goose, or pheasant feathers for legs on hoppers, or any other fly that calls for them.
  5. I am 74 and I have been tying since I was 8 that makes 66 years of tying
  6. try a nor vise, with large jaws, I have one and it works well
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