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  1. Congratulations, Steve. Good picture. Nice cloud formation with the sun coming through, and your friend smack in the middle of the sun reflection on the water. You would never know that it had been a cold and rainy day. steve
  2. Looks great, as usual, Steve. Tiger maple is beautiful wood. And I love the wraps. steve
  3. Tried the headband magnifier; it was always in the way and never in the right position to work. I use this from the hobby store for about $30. steve
  4. I was always taught it was 1. pattern 2. size 3. color. Color being the least important. steve
  5. Very nice, Steve. The green and gold wraps really set off the nude blank. I assume you're headed for your annual trip. Good luck and stay safe. steve
  6. Is that kind of like a busman's holiday, Steve. Great looking rod...as usual. steve
  7. spm

    01:20 am

    Nice shot. I guess this qualifies as "Land of the midnight sun". Thanks for posting. steve
  8. Great tool rack. Well done, Adam. I love DIY stuff! steve
  9. Your customer is sure to like that one. The "Skeleton" reel seat is very cool looking. steve
  10. I don't net the fish. I use a Ketchum Release tool and release the fish without handling it. There are several DIY versions of a disorger tool, so you don't have to buy one. Sometimes I don't even take a net with me on the water. steve
  11. There you go, Mike. Another beautiful rod, Steve. steve
  12. A beautiful rod, Steve. I like the color, too, despite MIke's comment about looking like a coral snake ...let's see, red and black, friend of Jack; red and yellow, kill a fellow. I lived in SoFla for 6 years. Don't like Mr. No-shoulders. steve
  13. Since you are not a beginning tyer, I would not recommend a kit. I started tying with a kit and do recommend it for beginners who don't know what they want to tie. I didn't; I just wanted to start tying and it worked out for me. Yes, a lot of the materials, and even the tools aren't top notch, but I'm still using some of them 30 years later. The point is, it got me started. But back to your question, since you already know what you're doing, don't buy a kit. As stated above, go a-la-cart and get what you want. I'm sorry you lost everything. Good luck. steve
  14. Good looking flies. Better than a lot of mine. Well done. steve
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