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  1. Hello, Here's another hobo tube! /Anton
  2. This pattern is tied like a regular hair wing but round tied, so it has about the same profile as a regular scandi hair wing in the water. But giving it some extra movement never hurts!
  3. I'm not sure now but.. I think i might have posted 100% zonkers on here.. here's one thats 100% zonker free //Anton
  4. Thanks guys! The blue hacke is ostrich spey plume and the pink is marabou bloodquill! Yeah Am.opossum is great for bigger flies, it doesn't suck up much water so it's easy to cast, and moves like crazy. here is a video by johan bertilsson with a am.opossum in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYpJDaHKTEQ Yeah it's a pretty usefull cold water fly, anywhere i guess. i only fish these flies when it's like below 4-5C degrees in the water. /Anton
  5. Hello, Heres another SW, one of my fav flies and color combos. /Anton
  6. Hello, Two more micro zonkers! /Anton
  7. the raccoon is usually pretty long and works well to tie with just like fox or any other hair, never used it as zonker. but it's great hair! It's futurefly cones, the are mainly for the futurefly tubes but the might work on hooks, but they will not be optimal i guess. http://www.futurefly.dk/ /Anton
  8. Hello, Some zonkers from the other day! /Anton
  9. Tulop


    Nice! yeah many fish bananas in early spring here in sweden so it should work for you aswell!
  10. Tulop


    Here's a Banana i tied the other day! /Anton
  11. Here's one with a red foam muddler head and one weighted+ cone! /Anton
  12. Here's another ondatra zonker! /Anton
  13. No sbs filmed on it today, but it's my next on my to do list, but it might take a while! (Hopefully sometime this week) /Anton
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