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  1. Thanks for the great advice guys, saved me wasting time asking this again...
  2. You can post photos using an iphone.... I want to see the problem/solution
  3. Those are some great guides for proportion.... now just getting the implementation of it correct
  4. Thanks for the picks and feed back Istripbuggers, I've never come across dubbing woolly buggers. Will try it soon and see how it compares.
  5. I had another go, I'm pretty proud of this one. Fire away. Thanks again for the help
  6. Here's my next crack and I think I've over shortened this tail, so...
  7. Thanks utyer for the tips. The wire was small, but I'll drop to brassie on my next order of stuff. I can't believe how tiny things are when you start working with them, you never appreciate that when buying the flies. I will keep practicing my evenness of my ribs etc, I've got 25 hooks left and enough for black and olive woollys. I did the hackle/wire just as you described, but only 1 turn at the bead. I'll try two next time. Thanks for taking the time to feedback. I have no fly tying mentors, and Oxford (UK) is a trout hole with only corse fishing shops in the immediate area, so feedback like yours is really appreciated
  8. But they're so yummy & soft...
  9. thanks, proportions seems to be the common failure of the new tier....
  10. Hi, I'm a new to fly tying. My vice arrived yesterday and I've bruised the bandwidth watching youtube. Here is my first fly, a black woolly bugger. I've done a mashup of tightlinevideo, david mcphail and intheriffle's techniques. ANY and ALL advice and criticism would be much appreciated. I've been watching this site for sometime (while I plucked up the courage to invest in the vice) and I know there are lots of helpful, experience people out there. Thanks.
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