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  1. Thanks again for the tips. Really jealous of your trip as my own first choice would have been with Emil having seen some videos of the River (and the Fish). I have every intention of fishing with him either January or Feb next year as my agenda for this year is full. (Vienna area in three weeks time and Kola Peninsula in August along with a couple of short trips home to Scotland in between). It would be good if you could mention my name to Emil as I would not like him to be thinking that my enquiry was a bluff and had my buddy not gone ahead and booked the Pielach I'd have taken him up on the alternative arrangement he offered.
  2. Hello again and thanks for this response. Are you by any chance fishing with Emil Pintar on Sava Bohinka? I tried to book with him but he was unavailable for the time I wanted to go. The flies are very much as I expected them to be. Being a 70 year old lazy Scot, whilst I don't care much for OH (I presume you mean over-head here (?)) casting and stripping lures either, the skagit sure as hell helps to counteract the worn bones and what used to be muscle :-D. I've found them to be particularly useful in Tierra del Fuego, Alaska, BC and indeed at home in Scotland. I was hoping very much to be able to make more use of the Switch Rod (SageOne) than the Spey but the conditions, the River and the targeting requirements will determine that for me. Incidentally I also have all of the prerequisite Rio polys. I go to Vienna on 13 February and can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. I've had Huchen on the bucket list for a while now and seeing will be almost as good as catching one. Good luck and tight lines next week - please let me know how it goes. Thanks again, David
  3. Hello fellow fishers, I have only just managed to find this forum and this is my first post. I apologise in advance for it being a cry for help rather than a positive contribution to the articles already published. Having tried in vain to book a week on the Sava Bohinjka in Slovania - fully booked for the week I had free - I am now about to try the River Pielach in Austria (about 80km NE of Vienna) as an alternative venue. I intend to book Slovenia earlier for the 2014/2015 Huchen Season. I note however that Mr Hoss (?) is about to fish and I wonder if he might share his experience and, in particular give me some guidance on best flies. I intend to use either a Spey or Switch rod (#10 or #8 respectively) with a skagit and a fast-sink polyleader. Many thanks in anticipation of some guidance. David Gloucester England
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