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  1. OCASD

    sound files

    Try http://www.fileden.com
  2. Awww, it looks like SD has finally met the love of his life:
  3. I think it is only fair I post a picture of myself: http://www.maj.com/gallery/AtE/sig/sd/me.bmp
  4. I thought SD would enjoy being the " Pippin' " drunk hobbit, and besides he cannot come close to OBL's "loyalty".
  5. Ok, you posted some darn funny material, so now all you need to do is post a high resolution photo of yourself here (ensuring that the face is not covered by anything. :hypocrite: ). :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
  6. Erm... The gift cirtificates should arrive in two month... I live in Canada... so yeah... it should take some time! Thats it! Suckers! After the two months are past, I will be long gone in hiding! MUHAHAHA... Er? Its still rolling?!?! SD, mind if I "borrow" your get-away car?
  7. Gift Certificates/Payment/Bribe? I don't recall any of that... Man, I don't think I laughed this much in a two days for a long time. Great job guys. :headbang:
  8. Oh hell, my sides were hurtin' from laughing. :hyst:
  9. Ok fellow members of OCASD, seeing as how SD is a bit busy and feelin' down lately, what do you guys think of "broadening" the range to include the other admins as well? :devil:
  10. It seems like Steve has spent too much time with his "precious" rod:
  11. Hmmm... I think SD takes after his grandmother: Can't you see the striking resemblance?
  12. Redwings1, that is awesome! :hyst: Some of the things SD grows in his garden.
  13. He must be a fly fishing lady killer.
  14. (Click on any underlined sentences to follow links) While browsing google the other day I discovered a most disturbing sight. I also discovered that Steeldrifter is also a famous Redneck guitar player. I guess his parents must have seen his potential in preforming from a young age. But playing guitar was not the only type of preforming that Steve wanted to do. It seems like he also up ballet... ... and dancing at those wierd lightup machines. But even though Steve is in need of dire help... ... we have to remember he just wants to be accepted... ... and that we should try our best to ignore the "interesting" ways he tries to impress us while we search for an Asylum willing to take him in. Experts are trying to see if his strange behaviour may have something to do with his evolution ancestry. :devil: SD, you are going down (and not just at my hands) :devil:
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