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  1. Nice Jigs! I like adding a Yamamoto Flappin Hog to the hair jigs.
  2. I show steps in tying a few different bucktail bass jigs.
  3. The maiden voyage with my new 2021 Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5. Im on a local lake known for crappie - no crappie today, but a couple surprises.
  4. I couldn't get out this weekend, but did have some time to show how I add vinyl decals to the kayak.
  5. Maintenance for my Universal 2 vise
  6. I dont have molds for that but I am sure there must be or they can easily be made. Casting dumbell eyes would be simple.
  7. A short video casting jig heads Enjoy!
  8. 7 minutes of epoxy painting fun.
  9. Another video discussing permanent markers.
  10. The camera I got is an older model but new to me. Canon EOS M3. I wanted a small package with the three main things people are looking for to produce online content: flip-up screen, external mic, ability to swap lens. The M6 would have been a great choice but the budget favored the M3 - $300 vs $800. This test video used the internal microphones and sounds pretty good. I did purchase a Rode mic to use in the future. For lenses I most likely will stick with the 18-55mm kit lens though you will see in the video the focal point / depth is pretty small (as I hold the jig and move toward the camera and toward myself). I haven't spent much time in the camera settings and suspect I can adjust this internally - or just learn how to hold up a jig. My other tying videos we recorded with a Samsung HMX F90 which is an inexpensive, very basic, 10 year old camera I bought to record my kids high school sports And/Or a couple were made with a GoPro 7 Silver (this was too much fish eye for table top work). For editing everything I have done in the last couple years has been using Davinci 16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvs8GX1GrpcL3d55NmPtssA/videos?view_as=subscriber
  11. A quick jig tying video trying out my new camera.
  12. I love the smell as it reminds me of dads tying rooms (plural). In the 60s my father was a production tyer and would process tons of bucktail and a bit of feathers dyeing and selling the materials wholesale. Moth Balls are necessary to deter bugs & rodents. Now in my 50s I continue with the jig business but purchase most of my tails from the typical places - I do however have bags of tails 50 - 100 count that I keep on hand throughout the year. I continue to use moth balls where I put a few around once a year and have only seen an issue once in a small single bag where cut worms would chew the skin of the bucktail and the hair would fall apart. My kids now joke about how my tying / storage area smells like moth balls but I am sure when Im dead and gone the smell will continue the good memories and time we had tying & fishing. All my fly tying materials which are much more costly are kept in ziplock bags in totes. I have never had a problem with bugs. Oh, and 50+ years of jigs the fish didnt seem to notice the smell.
  13. This is a short video of a simple dropper fly called an Ice Lice. We use this during ice season rigged 6"-12" above a jig or on a short line under a Kast Master. This works well during the summer months for suspended panfish.
  14. I liked the video and got an error message that I have reached my quota of positive votes for the day. You did a nice job! Lets see some more.
  15. I had some time to sit at the bench and tie a Traditional Catskill Style Bucktail Streamer - Beaverkill. Enjoy the video. https://youtu.be/ttMODgPpan4
  16. I will have to show the tail detail in a future video. Since I am stacking by hand that hair is not perfectly aligned, I am still maintaining a natural look. If it was just a matter of aligning the hair we could tie it on and trim the ends - but that would be terrible.
  17. Hey Poopdeck - We've been tying the same length of time. I align hairs by hand to maintain a natural shape also aligning the hairs to be more uniform helps with avoiding short strikes. Here in NY we are fishing walleye who may not always engulf the bait but nip at the tail. Tiers all strive to recreate patterns with the proper look and proportion of the original pattern and our understanding of how these look / work in nature. Though I wouldn't dictate strictly the material proportions like I would in tying a Catskill dry fly I am usually tying for resale and try to maintain a consistent look. Tight Lines.
  18. Im using a Universal 2 vise made by Universal Vise Corp. Ive been tying on this particular one around 20 years. I still have the one I started on and used close to 15 years but it was getting a little worn. These can be found on ebay pretty regular and in fairly good shape.
  19. I havent posted in a while and have decided to dust off the video camera. Enjoy https://youtu.be/Xvr1uL1P3Ao
  20. "Are you really that lazy?" - really? I have shared vids on this forum before. Im telling you, all your suggestions I know about and have tried - they are not copying and pasting. Using the link icon at the top of the message box isn't highlighting the OK button. But thanks for your help. Maybe an administrator could help with getting videos shared to the forum?
  21. I know - its not working (OK doesn't highlight for me)
  22. I'm not able to add links to sites or Youtube videos when commenting in forum topics. What am I doing wrong?
  23. I realize this is an older thread, but this may help. https://youtu.be/oEFThRiX7vg
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