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  1. Haha. I think I'm going to send them in for enlargement surgery instead. More cleavage the better I always say.
  2. Here are photos of the flies from this swap. Thanks again everybody who participated. Not a huge swap, but definitely a fun one.
  3. I finally heard back from Foambug yesterday. He is very sorry for not getting the flies done. I had been out of town and tried to give him extra time to respond. It was such a small swap so I was hoping his second set of flies would show up in the mail. The selection of flies is still pretty awesome even though it is small. I mixed up the extras that were for foambug and sending them back to you guys. I'll be mailing the flies out today. Thanks again for everybody who participated. Tim
  4. Hey you guys, I haven't heard from Foambug after a couple attempts to contact him. He might be out of town or something. Unfortunately Foambug's files appear to be lost in the mail. This is only my second hosted swap. Not exactly sure what to do or how long to wait. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Got Joseph Russell's flies the other day. Great ties! Foambug is going tie a new set of flies. The first set appears to be lost in the mail. After I get the last set I will mail them out right away.
  6. Just to give you guys a heads up about a potential delay in sending the flies out. Foambug's flies appear to be lost in the mail. He sent them a while ago. I'll be going to the post office today and see if they are being held there for some reason. If I don't get them on Friday he said he'll tie up a new batch over the weekend. I think I should be receiving Joseph Russels flies today or tomorrow since he lives not too far from me.
  7. got some excellent flies from grey brook yesterday. two hooks on a streamer is better than one! I have a fishing friend that loves using treble hooks on his lures. I get so angry when he outfishes me, so I have a secret loathing of flies/lures/bait with more than one hook or a treble hook. I'm not sure if my loathing is justified since I've read all kinds of different arguments on the topic and see the benefits of both ways. But I'm sure a lot of other people get even more upset when they see more than one hook on a fly like these sex dungeons that grey brook submitted.
  8. Got flies from Jimboha! on Saturday. Well tied and interesting, but I wouldn't say it looks very pretty. It makes me lose my appetite a little.. haha. I'm looking forward to the challenge of catching a trout on this fly one day. Probably going to fish the pattern at night when the trout can't see how special this fly is. Or maybe use it on the Los Angeles River for carp. Those carp will eat anything, especially something that looks so unappetizing. The only other flies I've received so far are from Vicrider. Hopefully the rest will show up soon.
  9. Just got back. Vicrider your flies are awesome. Thanks for the q's bugs. Will be putting them to good use this weekend.
  10. What goes through a persons mind to do something like this? It just boggles my mind! Especially to tell the admin on here that they will be sent out and not do it. If I was a part of this swap I'd be going bizerk on that guy. I can't imagine how many hours spent tying all those flies by you guys. Just awful.
  11. Your flies probably have arrived Vicrider by now. I'm out of town till the 16th and have the post office holding the mail for me. I'm sure they are great. I'll be tying mine up when I return home.
  12. Got the flies they are awesome!
  13. The deadline to sign up has passed. I have heard back from most people about changing the swap. Since we have 6 participants that means we will tie up 10 flies. Tie up 2 of the same fly per participant other than yourself. Thanks to all who signed up!
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